10 Global Takes on Classic Thanksgiving Dishes

Sure, Thanksgiving is an American holiday but most of us can trace our ancestry back to some other part of the world. Which is why every year I like to bring you a selection of globally-inspired dishes for your Thanksgiving feast. Case in point? While mashed potatoes are classic components of the Thanksgiving table, there’s no reason you can’t add a bit of global flare to your recipe… and you’ll get a couple of ideas how to do so below!

Here are 10 global takes on classic Thanksgiving dishes. Try one out and add a touch of adventure to your Thanksgiving feast. You’ll be glad you did!

1.  Sweet & Spicy Korean Braised Turkey

How to make Sweet & Spicy Korean Braised Turkey

2. Zimbabwe’s Peanut Butter & Butternut Mash (Nhopi)


3. Zimbabwe’s Corn and Cheddar Stuffed Squash


4. Mealie Bread (Corn Bread) – Southern Africa


5. Sweet Potato Biscuits (Mbatata) – Malawi

6. Mashed Potatoes with Veggies | Irio – Tanzania


7. Caribbean Pumpkin & Coconut Cream Bisque

8. Pumpkin Olad’yi – Russia

9. Maple Glazed Rutabaga – Finland

10. Honey & Pistachio Stuffed Quince – Uzbekistan


And if all that goodness whets your appetite, check out more Thanksgiving roundups from (many) years ago – these roundups include such yummies as homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin flan!

Our Globally Inspired Thanksgiving

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