Holidays Around the World

Holidays around the worldDear Friends,

After cooking more than 675 recipes from every country in the world, my family took a year to celebrate – by learning about holidays around the world. The links below will take you to a wonderful collection of recipes and posts that will add sparkle to your days.

Join the fun and instill a lifelong love of global learning in your family!

Sasha & family


5th, 6th or 17th Wassailing
6  Epiphany
6  Poet Kahlil Gibran’s Birthday
14 Makar Sankranti (Hindu Harvest Festival)
19 Martin Luther King’s Birthday (& Extreme Peace)
~ Chinese New Year (varies Jan/Feb)



~ Chinese New Year (varies Jan/Feb)
14 Valentine’s Day
~  Food of the 2014 Winter Olympics (Russia)



3    Doll’s Day (a.k.a. Hina Matsuri)
4    Mardi Gras
8    International Women’s Day
17  Saint Patrick’s Day
20  First Day of Spring
25  Arbor Day
~   Nowruz, a.k.a. Persian New Year



1   April Fool’s Day
~   Gardening Gift Ideas
8    Name Yourself Day
~   Easter
22  Earth Day



5   Cinco de Mayo
~ Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday)
15  Filipino Harvest Festival
28  International Burger Day
~   Thank a teacher!
~   Memorial Day (last weekend in May)



15 Father’s Day
18 International Picnic Day
~  Midsummer’s Night (between June 21 & 25)


4 Tell the Truth Day
30 International Friendship Day
    Celebrate with IndianParaguayan food
    IFD is most popular there.



3  Watermelon Day
16 Corn on the Cob Day



1   Labor Day
11 Ethiopian New Year
17 Teacher’s Day
21 World Peace Day
23 First Day of Fall
24 Rosh Hashana, a.k.a. Jewish New Year



1 World Vegetarian Day
16 World Food Day
22 Nut Day
30 Apple Day (UK)
Celebrate with an apple recipe!
31 Halloween



1-2 Day of the Dead
14  International Pickle Day
27  Thanksgiving Day



10 Human Rights Day
21 Winter Solstice
25 Christmas
31 New Year’s Eve


Egyptian Birthday Party
Japanese “Sushi Rolling” Birthday Party
British Mary Poppins Birthday Party
Science & Geography of Mermaids

General Celebrations:

Gardening Gift Ideas
Thank a teacher



Calendar of Celebrations from Around the World

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