Thanksgiving Menu Ideas from Around the World #1

In honor of Thanksgiving week here, in the US, I “took a gander” through our old menu’s and picked out a few recipes that I would enjoy on our Thanksgiving table. Here’s my selections from the “A” countries… tomorrow I’ll share some from the “B” countries. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ™‚

Note: Be sure to read the associated Monday Meal Reviews for tips and tricks.

Hot Algerian Lasagna (Shakhshukhaย al-Bisakra) [
This lasagna contains ground lamb meat, diced potatoes, chickpeas, and harisa. Two teaspoons of cayenne make this dish fire-hot. Gruyรจre cheese cools things down

Warm Spinach & Mushroomย Salad [
Warm spinach tossed with sauteed wild mushrooms, garlic,
raisins, and sliveredย almonds.

Roastedย Pumpkinย Salad with Arugula and Chevre [
The cavity of a steaming, roasted pumpkin is filled with goat cheese, arugula and mint vinaigrette. Any pumpkin varietyย is acceptable, depending on seasonal availability.

Pastel de Papa con Elote (Potato and Corn Pie)ย [Recipe]
Mashed potatoes topped with pureed corn and baked.

Itch (Bulgur Pilaf Salad) [
Bulgur with bell pepper, onion, scallions, fresh parsley, and lemon juice

Sauteed Green Beans with Speck [
Simple, yet delicious. Speck is dry cured smokedย prosciuttoย and is used in many Austrian dishes.

Baked Austrian Kas Nocken w/ caramelized onion &ย Gruyรจreย cheese [Recipe]
Nocken is Austrianโ€™s version of Spaetzel. This homemade egg pasta is grated and dropped into boiling water. Iโ€™m told the secret is to make the Nocken thin. Kas means cheese.

Spicy Meatballs in Pomegranate Sauce (Fesinjan Kyufta) [Recipe
Ground lamb and beef is mixed with onion, paprika, breadcrumbs, and mint.
The meatballs are served in tangy pomegranate sauce


  1. elisa waller says

    yay! I just might try to make that potato and corn pie for TG dinner…<3

    • Sasha Martin says

      That’s exactly what I’m doing lol… but I had to make a giant batch (used a 10 pound bag of potatoes) to feed the entire gang. Let me know if you love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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