Top recipes from around the world with 3 ingredients or less


I can’t get over how many unique and occasion-worthy recipes can be found all around the world that only have three ingredients (not counting water, of course). There is no limit, it would seem, to creativity in the kitchen.

With just three ingredients, our global neighbors can offer something sweet or savory, simple or complicated. These easy recipes can take our imaginations to any continent.

Once I assembled the list, I realized something rather amazing…

All of these recipes are vegetarian (V) or vegan (V+) and most are gluten free (GF).


So, now the question is, which recipe will you make?

NOTE: Country listed indicates when we cooked the dish in our Global Table Adventure. In many cases the recipes may be available and beloved by other countries as well.

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Hokey Pokey | New Zealand ( V, GF)


Baked Papaya with Sweet Coconut Cream | Marshall Islands (V+, GF)



Vanilla Bean n’ Tropical Fruit | Madagascar (V+, GF)


Hagelslag | The Netherlands ( V)


Sweet Potatoes & fried bananas | Marshall Islands ( V+, GF)


Warm Spiced Mango | Liberia (V, GF)


Pulut Inti | Malaysia (V+, GF)



Citrus & Mint Salad | Israel (V+, GF)


Pistachio Date Balls | Iraq (V+, GF)


Greek Yogurt with Honey | Greece ( V, GF)


Tart & Chilly Rhubarb Soup | Iceland ( V+, GF)


Cinq Centimes | Senegal (V)


Kanya, Peanut Squares  | Sierra Leone (V+, GF)


Coconut Curd | Kaya | Singapore (V+, GF)


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  1. First choice = Pistachio Date Balls
    Second choice = Peanut Squares

  2. You don’t know how much you’ve just helped me out with this post..thanks so much!

  3. Pat Porter says:

    Oh, you missed the best recipe of all. Freeze some sliced bananas (wondering what to do with those browning bananas?) then spin through the food processor with a tad of milk (rice, coconut, almond, whatever, just to get it going). Perhaps add a dollop of honey, and/or some cinnamon — but that makes four ingredients, so leave one out. It will whip up into “faux” ice cream. Kids love it. Add some frozen blueberries or strawberries if you want to break the rules, though this is really not necessary, just nice.

  4. Thanks for this! I’m not sure what I’ll try first. Kanya? They all look amazing!

  5. Dutchgirl says:

    Actually I’m eating my daily sandwich with (pure/dark) Hagelslag for breakfast. So that is absolutely no. 1!
    2. Coconut curd
    3. Citrus/mint salad
    4. Greek yoghurt/honey

  6. Pat Porter says:

    Please, Dutchgirl, what is coconut curd? it seems like this sandwich rocks!

  7. I am partial to the Hagelslag | The Netherlands <3 <3 P.s. great rope game at donovan and amandas graduation party!!! everyone loved the Hagelslag and were so intriqued by it..chocalate sprinkles on butter on bread…easy easy!



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