O’ happy day. We’re almost halfway.


Over the last (almost) two years we’ve eaten meals from 97 countries* of the world. That means we’ve eaten just about half the world.

Deep breath. Smile. Yum.

We’re on our way.


In addition, I’ve met more than a dozen people exactly when I needed them to help me cook their countries. And when I say exactly, I mean in the week or days leading up to the country in question.

Some straight-up knocked on my door, some were my checkout girls at Whole Foods, others were random mommies at library story times, while still others reached out via email.**

Meeting someone who could help me with my recipes exactly when I needed them once is cool. Twice is a little creepy. More than a dozen times? Totally and completely epic.

What does it all mean?

The stars have aligned. I am on the right path.

Correction: we’re on the right path.

And I officially have goosebumps.


I’ve cooked a total of 367 recipes (what!?) from around the world.

I about pass out when I read that number.

Three hundred and sixty seven recipes. It’s true.

That works out to our family trying a new recipe every other day for almost two years straight.

Actually, for the math lovers out there, a new recipe every 1.8 days.

Recipes from remote and popular corners of the world. Recipes which, for the most part, I’d never seen before.

Recipes you can browse through, for free, right here on Global Table Adventure.

That’s almost two years straight of you, beautiful readers, learning, learning, learning.

Cooking, cooking, cooking.

Eating, eating, eating.

It’s a ton of trips to refill to my spice jars.

It’s a novel’s worth of teaching Miss Ava and Mr Picky that food is an Adventure, not an attack.

Oh, it is a flurry of making new friends.

Of laughing and crying.

Of burning my hands and using blenders in the laundry room (don’t, don’t, don’t wake the baby).


There’s a lot of people in the world.

Mr Google-bot tells me 6,840,507,000 , to be exact.

I’m happy to report that, during this first half of the Adventure, a nice chunk of our world family stopped by the Global Table to celebrate the cultures of the world.

Yes, my friends, you are in good company.

There are a lot more open minds in the world than cynics would like to believe.

And, if I do say so, we make up a grand group, the lot of us, all hungry for peace.

Best of all, the word is spreading, thanks to you and your enthusiasm.

Thank you. You keep me going.


We’ve reached that magical baker’s dozen when it comes to interviews; our Global Table Adventure has now been featured on TV, Radio, newspaper, and online media. This includes Martha Stewart’s web site Whole Living and an upcoming interview with Rick Steves, on his internationally acclaimed show Travel with Rick Steves (which will air on NPR). Additionally, I was a keynote speaker at the Global Education Conference, with over 10,000 members.

I never imagined I’d be able to touch so many people with our message of peace through understanding other cultures.

I am so. Very. Thankful.


With each meal I’ve realized more and more how not alone I am in my idealistic dream of world peace.

We are a growing movement of people, all hungering for more – all looking for the thread that ties us together. And many of us have found it, here, with food.


The evolution of Global Table Adventure
since February 2010:

1. Baby Ava became Miss Ava


Ava has grown from a baby to a full-fledged toddler (with all the qualifications that go with the job).

It makes me cry every time I realize how far she’s come, from a little baby without teeth, gumming small bits of our meals, to a full on toddler who gives us that look, daring us to make her eat something unusual.

Where did my little baby go?

And she’s even bigger now!

2. Mr Picky became …?

Keith has tried everything from Global Table Adventure. Even the kimchi, which I think, next to the babenda, was his biggest challenge.

The watermelon lemonade, however, was not a challenge.

As time ticks by, he becomes more and more involved – curious, interested. Plus he makes killer videos.

I’m thinking, with your approval, that we need to change his nickname. So, if you have a moment, please weigh in on his future for the next two years of this Adventure:


3. My own evolution

I am no longer scared of grinding my own spices

…wrapping food in banana leaves

or eating cake with beer in it. (Hello, my pretty)

I now know how to roll sushi,

make homemade chai,

and eat basically-raw-beef. And, for the record, so does Miss Ava.

And, oh goodness me, I have  learned how to take a decent photo. Behold the misery of my early photography.

Versus this…

Yes, I’m still learning … but boy, howdy. Practice sure does help.

I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in another couple of years, when this Adventure wraps up.

We’ll get there, little by little.

After all, I believe it when Flylady says, “you can do this one BabyStep at a time.”

So, that’s it for now.

Happy halfway mark.

Thank you for sharing in the Adventure.

Thank you for believing in the dream.

Thank you for being hungry for peace.

Much love to you and yours.

xo Sasha



*Wondering why this is a bit early? We ate Lebanon last week and, even though I haven’t posted it yet, I just can’t wait to celebrate with you.

**Here’s the full list, as I can remember it right now… They include the mommy from Austria, whole foods checkout girl, yann, dillards lady, the priest from Kenya, the Wesleyan alumni from the Ivory Coast, the pastry chef from the CIA, Karen Coates, Laura Kelley, Dan and Audrey from uncornered market, the Italian recipe instructor, the Israeli cook in Tulsa, Nick, Ruby, and Tara. And that’s just the beginning.


  1. I love reading all your blog posts. You’re the first one I read every day.

    I’m excited that Rick Steves’ is interviewing you. I have wanted to be Rick Steves since I was about 8 years old so I’m more than a little jealous. Congrats on your awesomeness! and I’m looking forward to reading Lebanon :d

    • Sasha Martin says

      Yay – thank you Samantha! PS I totally get it – Rick Steves is the best 🙂

  2. Sharisse says

    This is your best post yet! Love the EPIC video. And Ava is just so sweet I think she should be a dish! My “baby” is 9 so I understand the sadness of them growing up. But to be honest – in many ways they just become more fun. We thank you for the adventure. 🙂

      • Sasha Martin says

        I have to agree, watching her do more and more things is just wonderful. She drew her first recognizable animal the other day – several circles with dots for eyes – and she called it a bear. My heart melted – I’m such a mom 🙂

  3. Jessica Bennett says

    And you’ve conquered plantains 🙂 Congratulations on the half way milestone!

    I think Keith is wonderful for trying everything. He may be picky, but he’s a good sport- so I say, it’s time to shed the nickname (even if he is still fairly picky). My former Mr. Picky wouldn’t do it, and I’m sure there are plenty of others that wouldn’t as well. So, high-five, Keith!

    • Sasha Martin says

      How could I forget??!? The plantain … perhaps I just blocked it out. And yes, no matter what we end up calling him – a big high-five for him.

  4. Collette says

    I like Keith being “Mr. Picky” I think it makes him an inspiration to all the picky eaters to give it a try. If Keith will give it a go then maybe others will try new things too, lol.

  5. Federica De Dominicis says

    Congratulation !!!!! I’ve “stumbled” on your blog only recently, but whatever happens in my life, your is the one I always find a bit of time to read. You have given me motivation at a time of hard changes that were leaving me apathic. Thank you and can’t wait to read your new posts for the (two) years to come.

    • Sasha Martin says

      I’m so touched and glad to be there for you, hopefully bringing a smile! I hope this next year is a better one for you.

  6. I would like to mention that we met on the day of the Finnish food :), It has been awesome getting
    to know you and reading your blog. Happy half way mark and looking forward to the rest of the world. Good luck. To peace.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Yay! It’s true – you were there just in time to help with the feast. I’ll always appreciate how you trusted me to come into my home and help me work it out 🙂

  7. Lanetta Martin (grandma martin to AVA) says

    As the mother of “Mr. Picky”, I can understand why he has that name. He was always timid about trying anything new while he was growing up. Although I am very proud of the progress he has made, I agree with keeping the name to encourage other picky eaters to try new dishes. His Dad was a real picky eater when we married, but my mother, Keith’s Granny, was a a very big influence on Rick and he learned to eat alot of different things in our early years. Sasha has learned a very creative way to expand Keith’s food horizons and those of several members of the family. We are proud of the HIS whole family and share their successes with all of our friends and relatives!!

    • Sasha Martin says

      It is exciting to see the transformation in Keith and the rest of our family! Even my niece has been making dishes with her friends in college. It makes me so happy to see so many exploring with an open mind.

  8. I’m amazed by your mission and all the amazing meals you’ve made along the way. Way to go, and keep it up!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thank you Brigid – sometimes I think my stomach leads this Adventure, not my brain 🙂

  9. elisa waller says

    Love the video so much…it really has that touch of “keith” in it…ya know his superheroish style…..haha..anyway not sure of new name for the Mr. Picky..I am hoping amanda comes up with a good one….you might call him Immortal…LOL xoxo<3 Love you…you are truly amazing…

    • Sasha Martin says

      He is totally a super hero. I try to to tell him at least once a week. Love you, too sister.

  10. Heather says

    Congratulations on the half way point and the interview with Rick Steves! I also LOVE the video and this post. You are an amazing woman. Eva and Mr. Picky are not only good sports but lucky to be on the adventure with you.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thank you Heather! It’s been a great journey so far – we’re looking forward to the second half 🙂

  11. pastry chef from the CIA?? did I miss that one? I think you started an amazing adventure. Nothing can bring people closer than food, family, love. You are making a difference. And promise me you won’t mention when the adventure is finishing again. It will be a bittersweet moment. You must come up with something new.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Hmm, I should clarify – I meant CIA, as in Culinary Institute of America – he helped me with the sachertorte and the article I wrote in Afar Magazine. 🙂 As for the rest, which I shall not mention, it is totally going to be bittersweet. I think occasionally about life will be like post GTA, and I’m too thick in the middle of it – can’t quite get there.

  12. Congratulations on the half way mark!!! Quite a feat!. “K-NAP” Keith-Not as Picky! haha!

    Amazingly awesome job!! I had goosebumps reading this and the video is exceptional. Gotta love Ava!!

    Love Uncle G!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thank you so much – K-nap is hilarious. He probably won’t go for it though ha.

  13. Which one was the person that knocked on your door!? I think they were selling something door to door and they were from the country you were working on! Ecuador…?

  14. Gwen Larsen says

    However do you do what you do these past 3 years? I recall feeling overwhelmed just raising baby no.1 with very little entertaining let alone world cuisines photographed artistically, the way you do! Plus the poignant or educational text you create, just as beautifully! Whew, I hope you give yourself a break every day or week to just relax (maybe put “another bun in the oven” as the Brits wryly suggest when a family expands, ha.) Thank you for lifting our spirits out of the inherent drudgery that daily life & meals can bring – and expanding the horizons of world understanding, one bite at a time! Having lived in 7 countries during our 38 years married, I appreciate your vision & calling!

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