10 Fabulous Finger Foods from Around the World (a.k.a. Party Food)

I’d rather not eat pancakes if I have to use a knife and fork.  I much prefer tearing them into small, irregular pieces before dipping – just barely – into maple syrup and taking a bite. Licking my fingers completes the happy process.

Yes… I love eating with my fingers (don’t you?). And, from what I’ve read, I’m in good company around the world. Here’s ten international, absolutely fabulous ideas to get you through this finger-lickin’ party season.

1. Camarao Grelhado Piri Piri (Grilled Prawns with Peppers)

2. Beef Empanadas

3. Armenian Stuffed Grape Leaves (Yalanchi Sarma)

4. Armenian Spiced Feta (Brinza)

5. Spicy Meatballs with Pomegranate sauce (Fesinjan Kyufta)

6. Himalayan Fruit Salad

7. Brazilian Romeo and Juliet (Romeu e Julieta)

8. Spicy Kielbasa Buns/Klobasneks/Klobasnikis (Klobásové Buchty)

9. Danish Meatballs (Frikadeller)

10. Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød


  1. Jessica Bennett says

    Come over to my house and you’ll be in good company. I eat pancakes (and waffles) the exact same way. Some foods, I don’t understand how people eat them any other way than WITH their hands- like samosas or hard shell tacos.

  2. Collette Lemons says

    I love finger foods and to dip things.

    I like cookies dipped in coffee.
    I like to tear my biscuits apart and dip them in gravy.
    I cut up my meat and dip it in sauce.

    I hate it when we go out to eat and BBQ sauce is dumped all over my food…

    This year for Christmas we are having ham and finger foods, lol.

  3. I love finger foods! It makes eating more enjoyable some how. I love all these, especially that shrimp. I’ve been wanting to make piri piri something for a while now. And fesenjan meatballs? I’ve never heard of that. One of my favorite Iranian dishes is fesenjan but made different of course. As always, love reading about the foods you explore!

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