Menu: Central African Republic & Chad

This week we’re eating a double feast from two neighboring countries – Central African Republic and Chad. I had a lot of time to ponder our menu, as there is little else to do while tossing in feverish delirium. ┬áThank goodness we have a good African market in Tulsa, where I can find casssava leaves and ground melon seeds… and really explore the flavors of Africa.


Stewed Cassava Leaves [Recipe]
Dark green leaves from the cassava plant stewed with tomato, onion, and peanut butter.

Egusi Sauce [Recipe]
Ground melon seeds cooked into a sauce with onion, tomato, and chili pepper. We served it with grilled chicken, but this sauce can be served over rice, vegetables, or other meats.

Sweet Peanut Butter Rice (Bouiller) [Recipe]
White rice sweetened with sugar and natural peanut butter.


Lamb Stew with Okra [Recipe]
Pieces of lamb slowly simmered with onion, bell pepper, and okra.

Millet Balls [Recipe]
A blend of white and millet flour cooked in a double boiler, then formed into balls and simmered.

Spiced Papaya Milk [Recipe]
Papaya pureed with milk, cardamom, and ginger


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