The Adventure: 195 meals, 195 countries, 195 weeks

This web site isn’t about me. It’s about all of us.

It’s our story – the world’s story – as told through food.

You see, we create peace when we learn about each other –
when we understand one another.
But here’s the thing – we can’t create peace alone;
We must set a Global Table and invite everyone to sit down together as one family.

It’s the only way.

Welcome to Global Table Adventure – a celebration of every country in the world – a place where I share the one thing that unites us and that drives our individuality – food.  Each week my family and I dive into a meal from another country, learning about the food, trying recipes, and even sharing videos of my young daughter sampling the food (she’ll have eaten a meal from every country in the world before her fifth birthday).

It’s the ultimate stovetop travel experience.

We’re going A-Z so you can easily jump in at any time.
Check out our schedule for details and our map to see where we’ve been.

A little heads up…

This web site is a pocket of peace – a place for positive stories and loads of recipes – you won’t hear about war, famine and devastation. There’s enough places covering those issues. I’m lifting my voice to spread the good, the happy, and the downright silly. And, yes, there’ll be tidbits about me (I’m Sasha) and my family along the way – my sweet husband Keith (read why we call him Mr Picky), and my lovely little girl, Miss Ava (read how she inspires me).

If I can eat the world from Tulsa, Oklahoma, so can you! Join me as I share hundreds of recipes, photos, videos & reviews … In the process, you’ll learn how to enrich your own family’s meals while celebrating every culture. All recipes from the 195+ countries are free and available for home use, whether for school projects, family nights, or dinner parties; reap the benefits as you pursue the spiced life.

The Recipes

Every week I select recipes that moms make all around the world with toddlers hanging on their shirts – not super weird, but always interesting. Even better, many recipes are complete stovetop travel experiences, not only including photos of the food preparation, but photos of the country of origin.

Won’t you join the Adventure?  You can share the love with our “Knight of the Global Table Adventure” badges.

P.S. When I first started this adventure I wrote up my reasons…. here they are…

  1. My cooking is in a deep, no longer passable rut. No one wants to travel on that road anymore, least of all me. Now is the time to give my taste buds some excitement! Now is time to let the beautiful world inspire me!
  2. My husband’s Picky Eater Syndrome is in remission thanks to much hard work on my part. However, I see signs that it might be rearing its ugly, boring head again. I have a theory that Global Table Adventure will cure him completely of this sad disease.
  3. My daughter, seven months old, deserves to grow up in a household where creativity, culture and good food are priorities.  On a global scale, I want her to appreciate the world and respect other cultures; I think food is the best way to do this.  Plus, I am afraid the Picky Eater Syndrome might be genetic (my step son seems to have an incurable case of it). I think if Ava eats a variety of food from around the world, she’ll have a great chance at being a good eater.
  4. Food in Tulsa. Yes, there are good meals to be had here, but I miss the variety of cuisines I experienced while living in Europe. In my six years abroad I sampled dozens of cuisines and none of them used Velveeta! Not even in queso.
  5. I got 45 new French Square spice jars for Christmas. I don’t want to be one of those people that just looks at their spices for years on end.  I want to use them before they turn to dust.
  6. I should be having dinner parties on a regular basis. I like food. I like people. I even like eating food with people.  Global Table Adventure is a great excuse to bring family and friends together around food.
  7. Lacking the resources to travel the world indefinitely, Global Table Adventure will whisk my family away for a mini vacation each week. I’m smiling already.
  8. And, finally, and most importantly, I believe we create peace when we learn about each other, when we understand one another. Let’s go eat our way around the world! :)

And if you want even more reasons, have a listen to my NPR interview with Studio Tulsa. For thirty minutes I talk with Rich Fisher about why I’m eating food around the world and share unique “behind the scenes” stories. Enjoy!

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