Gifts for you, my friends

Every day more and more people join the Adventure. Some try several recipes. Some host potlucks. Some are inspired enough to begin their own around the world journeys. And some just want to spread the message of world peace through food.

It’s no longer just me and my little family.

It is all of us, together, making a difference.

Friends, we are beginning a peace movement.

I am beyond excited about how our community is growing, so I have a couple of happy little gifts especially for you.

Happy Little Gift #1:

I designed a sheet of six (6) tent-style Buffet Labels for your Global Table. You can use them to label dishes for potlucks, school projects, or during any international foodie gathering.

The labels include fun, inspirational sayings, colorful backgrounds, as well as a roomy spot to write the dish’s name and/or the country that inspired the dish.

You can also use them as place card templates, simply by writing each guest’s name onto one, fold and place by their plate.

Download the free PDF Buffet Label Template }

Happy Little Gift #2:

For those of you looking to amp up dinner conversation, try my collection of Global Conversation starters.

These assorted quotes from around the world are part of a growing list – all worthy of lengthy dinner chatter.

Maybe even debate.

For example, do you agree with Mr Koenig? Where does happiness come from?



Happy Little Gift #3:

For those of you who are diving into the Adventure with full force, I hereby invite you to become a Knight of the Global Table…

Should you accept this honor, feel free to download or add this fun badge to your web site to let people know you are part of the Adventure… that you’re hungry for peace …

* Large Badge: Simply cut and paste the code below into your web site, where you want the badge to show up (Tip: the badge is transparent behind the circle, so it’ll adapt to the color of your web site without trouble):

[crayon attributes]Knights of the Global Table Adventure[/crayon]

*Small Badge:

If you’d prefer a smaller size, try this badge. It’s only 150 px wide and is great for tight spaces. (Just like the larger one, you can use it on any color background; the area around the circle is transparent).

This code embeds it in your web site:

[crayon attributes]Knights of the Global Table Adventure[/crayon]

Just a kind heads-up about copyright: Copying someone’s recipes over to your own site is a big no-no (the law says so). It’s usually best just to link to the original author for the recipe…unless it’s your own recipe or you’ve made enough changes to make it your own, of course.


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