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Imagine if it were possible to create peace one bite at a time.
My name is Sasha Martin, and I believe it is possible…
via Stovetop Travel.

Hi friends!

I’m so glad you made your way to our Adventure. While you’re here, I hope you find some inspiration to take home and enhance your Global Table.

You’re probably wondering why on earth I decided to cook my way around the world. Well. Let’s just say,  it has everything to do with being a passionate mom, a perpetual daydreamer, and a lover of food.

On loving Food:

My enjoyment of eating is a direct result of the cooking gene I inherited from my mother. From the youngest age, mom propped me up on chairs and gave me bits of dough to work with. There were no restrictions on what I could add to my “inventions,” as she called them. Not only did she teach me to cook, she made sure I ate my vegetables. The habit stuck.

Outside of the “School of Mom” I furthered my culinary education in two ways. First, I wrote “The History of Artisan Bread Baking in France” to fulfill my 100-page Honors Thesis for Wesleyan University.  Second, I spent a year refining my skills at the Culinary Institute of America. While there I was the editor of La Papillote, the student newspaper. I also received the prestigious M.F.K. Fisher Writing Scholarship. All while eating mountains of butter.

On being a Daydreamer:

I was born on Cape Cod, then lived a fairly static life in Boston until I was ten. I then moved every few years, including 6 epic years in France and Luxembourg. This is when I acquired my passion for travel – new sights, sounds, smells and tastes were everywhere. 

Field trips weren’t just to nearby museums – they were to softball finals in Norway, an 8th grade history trip to Greece, and a senior trip to Tunisia. Basketball games were in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and beyond.

Still, with 12 countries under my belt, I’ve barely scratched the world’s surface. I’m always itching to just… go! This Adventure keeps the daydreams alive… and keeps my mind traveling.

Drinking “Bambus,” popular Croatian drink.

On being the best Mom I can be:

Life has a funny way of leading us along the most unlikely roads. I’m not sure how I ended up in Tulsa, Oklahoma after my globetrotting days. But here I am… living an ordinary life with my husband, my young daughter, and our cat Malky… Thanks to this Adventure, we have a little taste of the extraordinary every week. A sparkle in our hum-drum routine.

It’s no coincidence that I started this Adventure within days of my daughter starting solids. She will have eaten a meal from every country in the world before her fifth birthday. I believe it is the greatest gift I can give her.

We can’t travel right now for financial and logistical reasons. As I fumbled through those early months of motherhood, I realized I needed to step beyond daydreaming for myself and create something real for my daughter.

While I’m temporarily grounded – stuck in the middle of middle America – this Adventure has become my lifeline. Our lifeline. Fun. Entertainment. Educational. Eye-opening. A way to connect with our community. While I once thought we lived in a “monoculture” of sorts, I couldn’t have been more wrong. At my fingertips, right here in Tulsa, are local shops, markets, and people from all over the world….who are interested and willing to help on our quest. Thanks to them, I am able to find the ingredients I need to eat food from wherever I want, all over the world, whenever I want!

So, here we are. In order to salvage what remains of my culinary and global curiosity – and to raise my daughter in the spirit of discovery – we are on a Global Table Adventure: a quest to eat our way around the world, country by country, week by week, meal by meal.

Since there are 195+ countries on our beautiful planet, I’ll be preparing 195+ meals. And we’re going to eat them over 195+ weeks.  All from our little kitchen and local shops, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And I’m tracking it all here, so you can eat your way around the world, too.

Like I always say, Cook Global, Shop Local.

Join us, won’t you?


P.S. If you’re interested, we have a lot of fun on our Facebook page. I’d love to see you there!

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Homemade Pita Bread from our Iraqi Global Table.


  1. Jessi Mayfield says

    I like this idea, Sasha. I have a family of picky eaters, as well. My own global taste goes from here to authentic Creol and Cajun. But that’s it! I’m going to give it a shot.

    – Jess

  2. aunty eileen says


    Again, GREAT JOB with your first installment in Afghanistan with your Afghan Global Table dinner party.

    Where will your next Global Table dinner party adventure, prepared from your little kitchen in Oklahoma, bring us?

    Will you be going down your list of 195 countries alphabetically?


    Cheers from Aunty Eileen

  3. Brian S. says

    If this blog gets all the publicity it deserves, it will get a LOT of readers! (Maybe a movie? Calling Meryl Streep!) So let me make one small correction for those readers. Tulsa is literally in the middle of America. But “Middle America” connotes bland and boring, and that it is not. This part of the country has a cuisine all its own. This is not apparent in the city. If you stay in Tulsa you’ll think the cuisine is limited to Frito Pies. You have to get out to the farms, because it’s very much a cuisine de terroir. Here’s a very short essay I once posted describing this:


    • Thank you Brian! This is an excellent distinction.

      I am only refering to the geographical “middle of america.”

      Being far away from our coastal, international cities (like NY and LA) once made me think that I could not access international cuisine from Tulsa… not so! With every shopping trip I am encouraged by how much I can find here in Tulsa :)

      This adventure is perhaps the most exciting project I have ever undertaken. I am thankful for anyone who follows along. Hopefully this blog will inspire people to try cuisines of other cultures.

  4. Megan says

    I just have to say I am so excited about this project of yours. It’s inspiring and wonderful. Although, I will admit I wish I had stumbled onto it later because I am so anxious to see what you’ll be trying! It feels like my favorite TV shows where I don’t want to have to wait til next week to find out what happens.
    Thanks for being willing to post about your culinary adventures!

    • lol .. call it selfish, but I am glad you found the project now… its so fun having people follow along, cooking and commenting with me. :)

  5. John says

    This is a great idea and blog. It is exciting and informative to research the culinary intricities of new countries and ethnicities. You’ve set yourself up for a real challenge to do a new one weekly. I remember running into you several years ago while pumping gas at the old Albertson’s and you told me about interning at Bama. Can’t wait for future posts.

  6. Hey Sasha,
    Found your blog through one of your posts on babycenter and ‘m loving it.I’m also a lover of cooking, eating n traveling.
    I like the idea of food around the world and specially your research about different countries is impressive. Would ove to see more!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Sasha,

    Nice Blog. I am attempting to visit 195 Countries and enjoying the local cuisine (to a certain extent) is a big part of my travel experience. However, I am not that fond of butter or milk products unless it’s in cakes or ice cream. I will be in Hungry, Turkey and possibly Bulgaria in the next week. Any recommendations? DMB. wwwdmbtraveler195.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for your comment. I am going in alphabetical order (check out the “recipes by country” link) and have not yet gotten to those countries. The project is going to take a few years…. so check back once in a while. Good luck with your travels – very cool :)

  8. halo sasha it’s nice..blog..” i like a travelling & food paradise lover too..! i’m also cooking traditional food originally from indonesia..!

    • Thank you so much Adie! I’m glad to have you on our adventure :) I don’t know a lot about Indonesian food yet – but am looking forward to trying it…

  9. Vickie Pittman says

    what fun! I will be watching and waiting for Thailand (my daughter is going to be a missionary there) but that may take a few years Lol anyway my other daughter was a missioary to Bolivia so that will be closer. they have great empanados. Plus also i am from paden Ok. so cool beans!

    • globaltable says

      Vickie, so glad you found us, right before Bolivia, how perfect is that? :D I’ll look into the empanados… they sound tasty. I saw Paden on the map – not very far away.. I’m waving right now, can you see me? ha ha :)

  10. I just discovered you from your post w/Flylady. Sounds exciting. I like to cook and it’ll be fun to follow your adventures. . .I still have other parts of your website to checkout. . .sounds like fun! I’m in CA . I’ve passed thru Tulsa to get to Arkansas and Missouri but haven’t really spent any time there. . .maybe someday :)

    • globaltable says

      Linda, Thanks for your note :) I’m glad you hopped on board :) Tulsa is a unique city – did you know we have an incredible amount of Art Deco buildings downtown? Anyway, I went to California last year for the first time. I LOVED how tall the trees were… (and they were just normal evergreens, not the *famous* kind lol). Keep in touch, Sasha

  11. Kate says

    I also discovered your blog from Flylady. What a fabulous idea! Love your layout and recipes. So inspiring.
    There’s definitely a book to be published here! Why don’t you contact some publishers?
    I promise I’ll buy it!

    • globaltable says

      Kate, I’m so flattered! Thank you for your encouragement. :) Who knows where this Adventure will take us, but my mind and heart are open to the possibilities. Keep in touch, Sasha

  12. Debbi says

    Love the idea of cooking your way around the world. Just saw your blog today for the first time and couldn’t believe that you had a recipe for Yak Butter Tea! I have a full page in my Tibet scrapbook entitled Yak Butter Tea-Yucch!!

    Happy Tasting and Happy Travels.

    • globaltable says

      Debbi – you are so fortunate to have been able to try the tea in real life .. although I think yucch means you didn’t enjoy it? :)

  13. I love your blog, come back every day to check you out, which I don’t usually do on blogs. Also love Avas corner. Brilliant!

  14. I was idly surfing (as you do!) and I have just come across your amazing journey/site which I shall be following with interest. What a great idea! I cannot promise to cook all the recipes, though I may try some, in which case I will link and let you know.
    Have you seen the SBS TV series Food Safari with Maeve O’Meara, which is being shown here in the UK and its companion website at
    Lots of great recipes, although not much for the more unusual countries you cover. However it is well worth watching for the food info section at the start.
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

    • globaltable says

      Hi there! Just saw this comment. Thanks for your comment and the link…. I’ll check it out! Keep in touch :)

  15. What an inspiring approach to food and parenting!
    Your photographs are stunning — really.
    I think that you will be a great mother if you impart this sense of curiosity and adventure to your child.
    I’m enjoying following your “travels.”

    • globaltable says

      Thanks Janet! We spend lots of time working on the pictures and food. We want you to “taste” as much as possible through your screen! Glad to have you on board!
      Keep in touch,

  16. I think what you’re doing is amazing! I have so much fun reading your blog, and I get inspiration. I have linked you to my blog, I hope it is okay.

    • globaltable says

      Thanks Sarah .. .she’s tried so many new and interesting things. I hope the habit sticks :)

  17. I absolutely adore the idea and can’t wait to try exciting new dishes with my kiddoes (my stepson is newly converted from being a picky eater, mostly by being hungry, since we’re now vegetarian). My daugher is Ava’s age & I agree, letting them experience all the tastes of the world is a special gift to them.

    Two thumbs up!!!!

    • globaltable says

      Awesome! Thanks for reading and joining the Adventure. The process is fun and you’ll be amazed just how well the world eats! If you can get your stepson (and even baby) to help in the kitchen, it does wonders. Ava wouldn’t eat a tomato until she helped me pick one from our plants and hold it while we washed it. Amazing … :)

  18. Hi Sasha

    It seems we are doing the same task (cooking around the world), but I am far newer to the experience than you….and over the pond in London.

    I love your blog, your pics are fantastic and your kitchen makes me very jealous. We don’t have so much room in our wee Victorian terraced houses here you see!

    Well done – I love what you do


    • Sasha Martin says

      My kitchen – wow, thank you! I just wish it had a window…. sometimes I feel like I cook in a cave (it even has a drop ceiling)… but that’s why it is getting a paint job… working on lightening things up!

      I normally say welcome to the Adventure, but it looks like you know what that’s all about! Looking forward to sharing recipes :)


  19. Ahh! I love it, Sasha! This is kind of the idea I had in mind for my blog when I started it, but I didn’t have much of a goal other than trying to bake/cook things from all over. It seems like I’ve lost sight of the travel aspect, but would like to get back on track. Looking forward to checking out your adventure. Fantastic concept!

  20. My husband and I just decided to start in 2011 trying something new from every country also to broaden the taste buds of our little one year old and ourselves. We live in the middle of nowhere Iowa and are wondering where we will find some of the ingredients needed but your journey is very encouraging and helpful!

    • Ha! Ha! :) where to find the ingredients? Why e-bay of course! LOL or google it and have it delivered lol… Bon apitite!

  21. Hi there Sasha!

    This is a super way to travel indeed. I like to use google Earth to visit places virtually as I will never go to these places personally. So far I’ve been to irak, India, china, spain shucks most of Europe and Asia…even papa new guinea!

    I also love to cook international meals. I’ve made some asian food, jamaican, italian,mexican, and some others. I would love to join you on this journey!

    I’m from the bahamas by the way and love your bahamian recipies! :) toodles!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thanks Darcel, sounds like you have the foodie-travel bug! … ps. I love that you just said toodles :)

  22. My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information!

  23. Hey, what a wonderful website you have! And such a cute baby!!!!!! Congrats!
    Btw, I see you haven’t tried cooking Mauritian food, you should!
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!! :)

  24. Hi Sasha,

    Love your blog! I wish my blog would have such cool pictures :) I keep reading back every week, and I’ve tried a few of your recipes – loved them! I see you’re coming up on Hungary – having been born and raised there (I’m a Hungarian expat in California!), if you need any recipes/ideas/help, I’d be more than happy to help!


    • Sasha Martin says

      That’s so great Nusy :) Thank you. The photos have come a *long long long* way since the beginning. Keep snapping pictures – every time you take one, you get better. I am part Hungarian – but we are very Americanized. I’ve been consulting my mom for ideas. She always made chicken paprika and stuffed cabbage. Mmmmm.

  25. What a fantastic site! I simply love your idea, as do many, many other people it seems. I think it’d be cool to use this idea to teach geography, imagine bringing some dish or cake into class and telling kids it comes from a particular country. Awesome! I’m looking forward to see what dish you’ll choose from Malaysia :)

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  27. Alby says

    Heard you on Rick Steves yesterday. Amazing! I’ll definitely be following you. Can you share some of the markets where you’ve found ingredients (I live in Tulsa too!)?

  28. Madeleine says

    I just heard your radio interview with Rick Steves. Congratulations! This is such an inspiring idea!

  29. Alexandra Barnes says

    I heard you on NPR the other day and almost crashed my car when I heard you were in Tulsa. I too have lived around and think Tulsa is a great city. I love all the ethnic markets right here in town. So happy to have found this site. I can’t wait to start cooking.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Awesome! (well, not the bit about almost crashing)… but seriously, I love that you are that enthusiastic. Welcome!

  30. Oh my, you’re awesome! I stumbled onto this blog while looking for a peanut butter greens recipe for tonight. I’m gonna try and substitute kale for the spinach though. I’ll be visiting often, for sure.


  31. I just read the article about this site in the Wesleyan Alumni Magazine (I graduated in 2011) and I absolutely wish I had known about this endeavor sooner! (so I wouldn’t have so much catching up to do…) It’s such a great concept, and I’m super excited to be following along!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Yay, Anna! Happy (rather belated) graduation :) Welcome and … go Wes! :)

    • Sasha Martin says

      Fantastic! Welcome and glad you found your way here :) Also glad to find your blog – the farmer’s market photos had me hungry for more. Go Wes!

  32. Nancy says

    Sasha, I am captivated by your adventure! I’ve always loved trying foods from other countries, and I try to sample food from a different culture or country every time I go for a meal at a restaurant. Philly being Philly, there are a myriad of choices, but it doesn’t offer nearly as wide a variety as you have made for yourself — thanks for sharing your adventure with us and letting us accompany you. I am also amazed by the clarity of your pictures and videos! If you would be so kind, could you please satisfy my curiosity and tell us what camera and videocamera you are using? I hope it is not a hassle! I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  33. What a fun idea & what a fun blog!

    Let me see if I can work through all the vegetarian recipes! :)

  34. Eunice says

    OMG! you have a really nice and interesting blog, for some minutes a believed that you were traveling every week around the world. It is amazing how you describe everything, like you are in the countries at that moment. I read the post from my country (El Salvador) and you described very well our famous dishes, now i am looking forward when you post about Slovenia the country where i live now. They have very interesting dishes that for sure you will like it. Congrats!

  35. Sasha… I just discovered you blog/website and it is so inspiring. I did a 60 day photo journal for my 60th birthday this past summer and I thought THAT was ambitious! You have taken on a huge project and you are doing it so well. It will take me a while to get through all the things you have done, but I will get there. Today I am at home sick with bronchitis and I made the Hot Honey Lemon drink… oh my gosh, it is so good and soothing and comforting and wellness-inducing! I think I will add dark rum instead of vodka to make a lovely hot toddy for my cold.
    Cheers from The Ottawa Valley in Canada!

  36. Just heard about your site on NPR a few weeks ago. Just plain awesomeness!! I used to do this randomnly when I was feeling stuck…and couldn’t travel, or when eat somewhere I really like, I will make note of things on the menu I should try to make. Thank you for putting it all together in one place.

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  38. Ryan says

    I heard you on the radio quite a while back (I believe you called into Travel with Rick Steves) and thought I would like to look up your blog. And of course I completely forgot about it by the time I arrived at my destination. I was delighted today to stumble upon you on a facebook post. Thanks for the wonderful blog and I look forward to reading about your culinary “travels”.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Awesome, Ryan! That was a fun chat with Rick Steves…Welcome to the Adventure :)

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  41. Dear Saha, Your site’s concept is awesome ! I just finished going through all your recipes on this marvelous gastronomic delight of a page. (three evenings) I too am a passionate chef (we think alike) Good Food,Good Drink W/Good Friends & Family feeds the hunger and nourishes the soul. :)

  42. Greetings from California! I’m bored to tears at work so I decided to browse
    your site on my iphone during lunch break. I love the knowledge you provide
    here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
    I’m surprised at how fast your blog loaded on my mobile ..
    I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, amazing site!

  43. Lois Szydlowski says

    Thanks for all your generous sharing…so appreciate your kindness…do you live near the Pioneer Woman?…she is from Oklahoma too.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Hi Lois, I’m in Tulsa – we’re probably about 45 minutes away from her ranch would be my guess. Thanks for stopping by :)

  44. Kath says

    I had assumed you were in a major city on the east coast. Amazed to read you’re in Tulsa. That means this is totally doable for me in Fort Worth :). I love love love the idea. I was a geography major and love this. Glad you did Turkish tabbouleh. I had it at the Turkish festival in Houston and loved it. I don’t like regular tabbouleh though! Can’t wait to explore more entries/countries.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Oh, ha! Nope… cooking the world is totally doable from here though, which is great. A great selection of international markets and surprising number of people of other nationalities!

  45. Annette says

    Hi Sasha,
    I have arrived at your website via Marie Forleo and Chris Guillebeau.
    What a fabulous idea. My neighbour was looking for another idea to connect our neighbourhood. We already have a sidewalk bakery where a neighbour puts our baked goodies at 8:30am and 3:30pm and you pay what you like; and a Free Little Library. I think your idea would work a treat in our street.
    I live in Perth, Western Australia, but I have square danced a few times in Sayre, Oklahoma!!

    • Sasha Martin says

      How nice to hear from you, Annette – love the visual of living in Australia but dancing in Oklahoma. Happy cooking!

  46. eric young says

    hello Sasha

    I’ve been reading about your quest in the “Happiness of Pursuit” book and I think its fantastic.
    My mom lives in Tulsa (I’m in Atlanta) and I’ve lived in Tulsa 3 different times during my life.

    I have an idea to walk across the country from West to East. It’s not an original idea; People have done
    it including Nate Damm who is also profiled in the Happiness book. I’m just worried
    about all the resistance and blowback I’ll get from family and friends.

    Keep up the good work; Eric Young

  47. Monica says

    I just found out about this website from my boss today and I think it is such a terrific way to enhance and spread your passion for international cuisine! I grew up overseas as well and my parents just retired here in Tulsa too :) . My mom is Colombian and she is a terrific cook, I’m sure she will love this site and would love to help if you ever need a recipe from Latin America!

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