Menu: Benin

Although Benin is an impoverished country with many people living off a simple diet of fufu, yam, rice, and beans, the cuisine also offers upscale, global flavors, most notably influenced by French flavors and techniques.  For example, this menu features crab, an commonly fished for in the south of Benin, prepared in a simplified French manner with eggs and vegetables.

Crabs from Benin [Recipe]
Lump crabmeat baked with egg, onion, garlic, tomato, and hot chili peppers

Pureed Black-eyed Peas [Recipe]
Steaming hot black-eyed peas are pureed and beaten with butter

Coconut Rice [Recipe]
White rice simmered in rich coconut milk

Green Baby Bananas in Orange Sauce [Recipe]
Bananas baked in orange juice and brown sugar. Serve hot as is, over plain cake, or with ice cream.


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