Menu: Saint Kitts and Nevis (with $150 Giveaway)

This week I flew from 80 degrees and sunny in Tulsa, to 35 degrees and windy in New York City. I wandered through a snowstorm in Manhattan, purchased a silk hat made in Tibet for $6,  and slept 50% less than normal.  I spent the week introducing myself to publishers all week: “Hello, I’m Sasha Martin. Let me tell you about a little dream of mine  …”

After all that excitement (I can’t wait to tell you more), it was wonderful to end the week at my dear friend, Marina’s apartment in Brooklyn and eat this incredible meal typical in Saint Kitts & Nevis. Everything about it is soothing, comforting and… well, there’s rum glazed coconut bread pudding… need I say more?

P.S. That Killer Bees recipe? Marina found that one and she did an aces job.

All recipes and meal review will be available by Monday morning.

Peas n’ Rice [Recipe]
 A hearty combination of rice, pigeon peas, peppers, onion, celery and thyme. (Psst – this would be perfect with the coconut crust fish from our Nauru Global Table.)

Rum Glazed Coconut Bread Pudding [Recipe]
Made with hot butter, rum, brown sugar, coconut milk, raisins, and … well, bread. This is the bees knees

Killer Bee Cocktail [Recipe]
Speaking of bees…  watch out, friends. This drink is the most alluring combination of passion fruit, honey, and a tingle of black pepper and fresh, grated nutmeg.


UPDATE: Congratualtions to Christina B., whose My Global Table pinboard is filled with just so many yummies! Email me by November 26, 2012 to claim your prize. 


Follow these 3 easy steps for creating your dream “My Global Table” Pinboard… and be sure to link to your Pinboard at the bottom of this post. That’s it!

Note: You must be a member of to enter, and you must be following Global Table Adventure’s Pinterest pages . If you do not have a Pinterest account, you can sign up for one here . Please link to your pinboard in the comments below.

BONUS: You must create the Pinboard to be entered, but for extra entries, comment here how you’d spend the $150, share the contest on Twitter and on Facebook.

Easy peasy!

This contest launched August 22, 2012 and ends November 18, 2012 at Midnight.

A special word…

I’m proud to have Saffron Road as a partner, supporting our Adventure to eat the world. I love that we share similar values… just read what they have to say about the food they make:

We know that great food begins at the farm, so we source our ingredients from only the finest producers available. It’s no coincidence that we buy from small sustainably run family farms. All of our livestock are humanely raised with 100% vegetarian feed and are never given antibiotics. Our halal tradition demands their proper care and welfare.


If you want to be a gem, you’ll check out their pinterest pages, too.


  1. Hi Sasha!
    I’m so excited to hear about your trip to New York. I’ve been hoping for a book to come out.

    Good luck and thanks for taking care of our spirits all the time with such happy & interesting posts. 🙂

  2. Rachel Stein says

    Pinterest always makes me hungry! So many beautiful food pictures! My link is:

    If I were to have $150 to Whole Foods I would spend it on “fun food.” By that I mean all of the things that are usually too expensive to buy but which are special treats and fun to cook with!

  3. elaine says

    Hmmm…$150 can go really fast at Whole Foods, but if you pay attention, there can be some great values too! I would spend the money on a vegan Thanksgiving dinner, including lentil meatloaf with mushroom gravy, lots of vegetable sides, and maybe a cranberry/apple pie!

  4. Kendra says

    I would spend the $150 on gluten-free bread! I have been gluten free for 9 months, but rarely buy bread anymore because I can never bring myself to spend so much money on a loaf of gluten free bread!

  5. I would spend the $150 on Thanksgiving groceries! We’ve got a huge gathering coming up and it would be so nice to have a few globally minded and healthier dishes on the menu!

  6. Donna Fiorino says

    I would spend the money on Thanksgiving dinner and maybe try out one of these great recipes!

  7. The $150 would be very useful for stocking up on food post-hurricane. There are plenty of essentials we still need.

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