Menu: Cyprus

I had a dream that my pillows and blankets were made of warm, snuggly food. (Snuggly?) What does it all mean? Call me crazy, but if there ever was a time to snuggle up with a meal, this would be it. Our menu from Cyprus is loaded with comforting, roasted dishes, as well as a “sweet as apple pie” dessert. ¬†Perfect for chilly weather.

Cypriot Red Wine Potatoes (Potatoes Afelia) [Recipe]
Small fingerling potatoes roasted with loads of olive oil and red wine, then topped with a dash of ground coriander.

Roast Lamb from Cyprus (Ofto Kleftiko) [Recipe]
Celebrate the holidays in style with tender lamb shanks roasted with cinnamon, ground coriander and olive oil.

Roasted Veggies (Briam) [Recipe]
Eggplant, zucchini, potato, and tomato sauce cook together with plenty of olive oil. This vegan side dish popular throughout Cyprus and Greece.

Whole Apples simmered in Light Syrup (Firikia Glyko) [Recipe]
Small apples simmered in syrup with cinnamon sticks, and cloves. Add brandy if desired!

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  1. Jessica Bennett says:

    Yum! Sounds a bit heavy, but perfect for cold weather.

  2. fingerlings..yay!

  3. Looks like my kind of meal! Yummy.

  4. I’m wondering if I can get that yummy sounding Lamb Shank Recipe ahead of time. I had Lamb shank’s on the menu for this weekend and yours sounds easy and delicious!!! please please please! :)

  5. Made the lamb shanks and briam tonight. Enjoyed both very much. The vegetables are especially good.Thank you.

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