Recipe: Red Wine Potatoes (Potatoes “Afelia”)

While Afelia commonly refers to a pork dish, the term can also refer to any number of ingredients stewed/roasted in red wine and sprinkled with coriander seeds. Yum!

In Cyprus, the most popular variants include mushrooms, potatoes, and artichoke hearts (all of which are vegan).

Most recipes add a sprinkling of coriander seeds at the end of cooking (ground or cracked is best).

Serves 4

Slowly roasted in olive oil and red wine, these potatoes are so rich you won’t need butter. A typical recipe from Cyprus and Greece.


2 pounds fingerling potatoes (or any small potato)
1/2 cup red wine
1/2 cup olive oil
ground coriander seeds, to taste


Put on some music from Cyprus. Then, preheat the oven to 375F

Meanwhile, rinse and slit the potatoes (about 4 slits per potato – this allows the wine and oil to seep in and flavor them)

Douse with olive oil. Don’t be shy. Some recipes I saw from Cyprus and Greece actually cover these with oil. Wow.

Splash on the red wine – choose a yummy one and treat yourself to a glass while you’re at it.

Sprinkle on salt & pepper – be generous!

Roast for 1-1.5 hours, or until soft inside and a bit crusty on the outside. (Turn once or twice during roasting).

When serving, be sure to scrape up any crusty bits and toss with potatoes. Then, sprinkle on some coriander seeds and enjoy with Roast Lamb Shanks and good friends.

Plan time for a nap. You’ll need a long one after eating these potatoes!

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  1. These look wonderful–and the ingredient list is short, which I love :)

  2. Wow, I have never seen potatoes cooked like this! Thanks Sasha, this is the perfect recipe for our new crop of potatoes due any time now..

    • Sasha Martin says:

      Enjoy! I also saw a recipe where they are smashed with a mallet, fried in oil on the stove top, then simmered in the wine (covered)… which also sounds tasty to me! :)


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