Recipe: Brandy Poached Apples (Firikia Glyko)

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Serves 4

Sweet and spiked with cinnamon, Firikia Glyko is wonderful warm with vanilla ice cream, or cold with nothing more than a spoon and a smile. (Ice cream is my addition and, while not super authentic, is extra lip smacking)

4 small, firm apples (I used honey-crisp)
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
2 sticks cinnamon
4 whole cloves
1/4 cup brandy (optional)

Put on a frilly apron and a pair of fuzzy slippers.
Add sugar and cinnamon sticks to a medium pot.
Splash in some water and bring to a gentle simmer.  The cinnamon will start to perfume your house in the most magical, grandmotherly way.
Meanwhile, peel 4 small apples…
Remove the bottom with a paring knife.
And replace it with one whole clove.
Carefully place in the hot syrup and simmer gently for about 45 minutes. Be careful not to boil or the apples will cook too quickly and fall apart. Add the brandy in the last five minutes of cooking – or, like me, you can completely forget to add it.
Fish them out with a slotted spoon. In the winter, serve warm with a little of the syrup and a giant scoop of ice cream. In the blazing heat of summertime, serve chilled, swimming in the thickened syrup.
Psst – if you have company, don’t forget to remove your frilly apron. I say this out of love and personal experience… but definitely leave your slippers on.
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  1. You could just take an apple, core it (but don’t peel it), pour sugar and powdered cinnamon into the hole where the core was, then microwave for 3 minutes and eat.


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