Recipe: Green Beans with Speck (Schinkenspeck)

Green Beans with Speck can be made ahead and heated in the oven right before serving.

Serves 2-4

Speck, technically called Schinkenspeck, is a dry aged prosciutto product. Bacon or ham can be substituted if your grocer does not carry this Austrian favorite. Enjoy Green Beans with Speck with chicken, fish, or pork


1 lb of green beans
2 ounces schinkenspeck, minced


1. Simmer green beans in a large pot of salted water until just cooked. Drain and set aside.

Minced Speck adds ham flavor to the green beans.

2. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add speck and cook until the fat renders (much like bacon).

3. Add green beans and toss with speck. Serve hot.


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  1. William Safire says:

    They are spelled schinkenspeck and prosciutto.

    • Thank you, William!

      I’d like to say spell check failed me, but truth be told I’m working fast to get these recipes out to you tonight. I made the corrections. Thanks for your understanding!

      Do you like schinkenspeck?

  2. Never tried it, but using american bacon as a substitute would likely give a very different flavor. I will try it with parma though, always looking for new green bean ideas.

  3. So beautiful!!!


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