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I don’t know why this week’s menu is so hard. I purchased ingredients for three different recipes before I finally settled on the recipes below. For those of you who thought I might make pho, I considered it. But, the fact is, I made “foe” for Laos, and, while some of the spices vary, I wanted to branch out a little – try something new.

When one of you said something about being able to get pho anywhere, and why not show you a dish a little less known, I loved the challenge. Of course, the biggest challenge yet may be Ava.

She’s  never been willing to try a spring roll. I’m hoping this week will be different.

These recipes and the meal review will be posted throughout the week. 

DIY Spring Rolls | bò nhúng dấm [Recipe]
Gather the family around the table, it’s time to make your own spring rolls. The star of the show? Meat, flash cooked at the table in a hot vinegar and lemongrass broth. Herbs and vegetables are the (delicious) supporting cast.

Hot & Sour Dipping Sauce | Nước mắm pha [Recipe]
An addicting combination of fish sauce, chili peppers, and a good dose of sweetness.

 P.S. To round out your meal, be sure to serve it with Vietnamese Coffee. No recipe needed: just add equal parts cold coffee and sweetened condensed milk to a tall glass of ice.


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