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We chose our dessert in .001 seconds this week. What could possibly be better than dough simmered in maple syrup? I like to think of it as deep-frying, but in sugar instead of oil. While this dessert is decidedly sweet, our maple glazed chicken carries a more subtle sweetness, rounded out by garlic and mustard. The rest of the meal showcases farm fresh produce/grains of Canada.

Canadian Dijon & Maple Grilled Chicken [Recipe]
Chicken coated with a simple blend of maple syrup, Dijon mustard, and crushed garlic, then grilled.

Butter-roasted Tomatoes [Recipe]
Fresh tomatoes roasted with butter and fresh thyme until tender.

Canadian Wild Rice [Recipe]
Wild Rice seasoned with fresh thyme makes good use of this Canadian crop.

Grandpa’s Maple Dumplings (Grandp√®res) [Recipe]
Drops of soft dough boiled in hot maple syrup. Oh yeah.


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