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Ava calls my mom Grammie Sue, but it really comes out more like “miss you,” which is exactly how we’re feeling today. Living far from my family was okay when I was single, but became excruciating once Ava was born. It’s like Keith and I have a home filled with starlight and each day she glows and smiles and spreads joy all over the place. Not being able to share that on a regular basis feels like a crime.

After a completely lovely visit, Mom flew back to Boston in the “ahww-pwane,” as Ava calls it. We’re all sad to see her go, but the memories of this happy meal – straight from our Hungarian heritage – will keep us until the next time.

What would you like to try?

Chilled Cherry Soup [recipe]
Traditionally served as an appetizer in Hungary, Chilled Cherry Soup is tart, slightly sweet, and rounded out with earthy cinnamon and the slightest hint of red wine.

Chicken Paprika [recipe]
Chicken stewed with loads of paprika, chopped onion and finished off with a not-so-small, really-rather-giant blob of sour cream.

Campfire bacon kabobs (Cigany Szalonna) [recipe]
Thick chunks of bacon, skewered and grilled over a campfire or conventional grill. As the fat renders, it drips onto rye bread, which is then eaten with radishes, onions, and tomatoes.

Palacsinta (Hungarian crêpes) [recipe]
Thin crêpes spread with apricot jam and crushed walnuts. The palacsinta are then stacked and dusted with powdered sugar for a decadent dessert or breakfast.

*All recipes and the meal review will be posted by Monday morning.


  1. Tina says

    Such beautiful sentiments! I’m glad you got time with your mom and she got time with the little ray of sunshine!

  2. Jessica Bennett says

    Well, of course I would try everything, because that’s how you do, but I wouldn’t be too happy with the bacon kabobs. The rest sounds delicious (especially the soup). I had cherry soup in Budapest and loved it. Looking forward to your recipe- hopefully I can try it out soon.

    • Sasha Martin says

      This was my first time trying it, although mom had it often growing up. It’s so simple, I was really surprised.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Hi Karen – yes it uses sour cherries. If you can get fresh, awesome! It’s not quite time here, unfortunately. I’m completely jealous.

  3. The cold cherry soup was too weird for me (and as an appetizer !), I never had the guts to try it. Now would be a good time to change my mind ?

  4. Distance is hearbreaking when you start a family of your own. I wish I had the luxury of having my mom, dad and sister near me to watch my kids grow up. So many people take it for granted. It is wonderful that you got that precious time with your mother, cooking traditional food.

    • Sasha Martin says

      Yes, it’d been so long since we’d seen each other. Perhaps we’ll live near each other some day…

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