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Sisters. We share the same mother, the same nose, and the same penchant for immature giggle-fits. She took me to the mall when I was too young to drive. She encouraged me not to get a tattoo. She held me strong after our brother died in 1992. She didn’t blink when I dyed my hair purple at 16. And, this week? She came to pledge her support in the spiritual journey of my sweet Miss Ava. In the process she rolled up her sleeves and helped me cook our Eritrean Global Table. And she suggested I start dying my hair again. Ah, the honesty of sisters.

Teff Pancake (Injera) [Recipes]
A thin sour pancake pocked with little holes and used as a plate and to scoop up thick stewed vegetables and meats.

Berberé – Hot East African Spice mix [Recipe]
This popular spice blend is known for scorching heat, but also a balance of background flavors including cinnamon, cumin, paprika, turmeric and more.

Spicy Lentil Stew [Recipe]
Made with little more than lentils, onions, carrots, and berberé – a delicious vegan stew perfect for a cold winter’s day.

Hembesha-Inspired Sweet Loaf [Recipe]
Inspired by the thin, decorative celebration bread enjoyed in Eritrea, this version is simplified for the home cook – thick, rich, and great with butter and honey. Seasoned with cumin and coriander, and sweetened with bursts of raisins.


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