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We chose our dessert in .001 seconds this week. What could possibly be better than dough simmered in maple syrup? I like to think of it as deep-frying, but in sugar instead of oil. While this dessert is decidedly sweet, our maple glazed chicken carries a more subtle sweetness, rounded out by garlic and mustard. The rest of the meal showcases farm fresh produce/grains of Canada.

Canadian Dijon & Maple Grilled Chicken [Recipe]
Chicken coated with a simple blend of maple syrup, Dijon mustard, and crushed garlic, then grilled.

Butter-roasted Tomatoes [Recipe]
Fresh tomatoes roasted with butter and fresh thyme until tender.

Canadian Wild Rice [Recipe]
Wild Rice seasoned with fresh thyme makes good use of this Canadian crop.

Grandpa’s Maple Dumplings (Grandpères) [Recipe]
Drops of soft dough boiled in hot maple syrup. Oh yeah.


  1. Be sure you get the real wild rice, which grows wild in marshes and wetlands and is harvested by Indians in canoes who sail into a bunch of plants and hit them with big sticks called “knockers” to dislodge the grains. Most stores sell wild rice planted in big commercial farms like rice paddies and then harvested by machines like any rice. I looked years ago and the only store that had the real thing was Wild Oats, now gone. So I don’t know where to find it.

    • globaltable says

      I got the real thing in the bulk section of Whole Foods (which bought out Wild Oats) 🙂

  2. Hilary says

    This Canadian has a great weakness for Atlantic fish chowder which can include cod’s cheeks and of course chunks of brewis (salt pork). Rappie pie is not that good. Wild blueberry pie. Oatcakes from Cape Breton are another treat.

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