Menu: Bolivia

This is going to be a good week. We’re going to eat Bolivian and … are you ready for it??? … the evil kidney stone is gone!!! I’ll spare you the picture Keith put on his Facebook wall, not because it isn’t cool – it is – but mostly because the gross factor is 1 million – you would all run away and never come back. The simple fact that he shared his 5 mm monster with the world just goes to show he’s feeling better. Unfortunately, no sooner had I gotten my spunky husband back than he had to return to work. Bummer. I was getting used to seeing his pretty face all day. He’s a wonderful man and I thank him for all he does for our family.

And, with that, I promise to never talk about kidney stones again. Unless he gets another one. Or I do. Ugg, my stomach just turned thinking about it.

Without further ado, our Bolivian menu:

Bolivian Avocado & Tomato Salad [Recipe]
Fresh avocado halves filled with a blend of chopped tomatoes, red onion, oil and vinegar. Perfect summer refreshment.

La Sopa de Mani (Bolivian Peanut & Beef Soup) [Recipe]
Perfect for Sunday dinner, la Sopa de Mani is a tantalizing blend of peanuts, rice, potatoes, vegetables and either chicken, beef, or lamb. Served with La Llajwa to taste.

La Llajua/Llajwa Hot Sauce [Recipe]
A puree of tomatoes and fire hot locoto peppers seasoned with a South American herb called quilquina. Our version uses a slightly less hot Serrano chili and substitutes basil and cilantro for the quilquina.

Corn on the cob with fried cheese [Recipe]
Plato Paceño sounded so good, I decided to make a portion of the meal (the best part of course – the cheesy corn!). Add potatoes and broad beans to make a full Plato Paceño.

Leche Asada (Baked Milk Custard) [Recipe]
Eggs, milk, and sugar. Baked desserts don’t get any simpler.


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