Menu: Bolivia

This is going to be a good week. We’re going to eat Bolivian and … are you ready for it??? … the evil kidney stone is gone!!! I’ll spare you the picture Keith put on his Facebook wall, not because it isn’t cool – it is – but mostly because the gross factor is 1 million – you would all run away and never come back. The simple fact that he shared his 5 mm monster with the world just goes to show he’s feeling better. Unfortunately, no sooner had I gotten my spunky husband back than he had to return to work. Bummer. I was getting used to seeing his pretty face all day. He’s a wonderful man and I thank him for all he does for our family.

And, with that, I promise to never talk about kidney stones again. Unless he gets another one. Or I do. Ugg, my stomach just turned thinking about it.

Without further ado, our Bolivian menu:

Bolivian Avocado & Tomato Salad [Recipe]
Fresh avocado halves filled with a blend of chopped tomatoes, red onion, oil and vinegar. Perfect summer refreshment.

La Sopa de Mani (Bolivian Peanut & Beef Soup) [Recipe]
Perfect for Sunday dinner, la Sopa de Mani is a tantalizing blend of peanuts, rice, potatoes, vegetables and either chicken, beef, or lamb. Served with La Llajwa to taste.

La Llajua/Llajwa Hot Sauce [Recipe]
A puree of tomatoes and fire hot locoto peppers seasoned with a South American herb called quilquina. Our version uses a slightly less hot Serrano chili and substitutes basil and cilantro for the quilquina.

Corn on the cob with fried cheese [Recipe]
Plato Paceño sounded so good, I decided to make a portion of the meal (the best part of course – the cheesy corn!). Add potatoes and broad beans to make a full Plato Paceño.

Leche Asada (Baked Milk Custard) [Recipe]
Eggs, milk, and sugar. Baked desserts don’t get any simpler.

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  1. Hooray Keith! This week sounds delicious!!! Where are the potatoes?

    • globaltable says:

      I know! He’s thrilled, as you can imagine :)

      The potatoes are in the peanut soup – they put them in almost all their soups. I meant to separate it out from veggies, but forgot. I updated the post though. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. It all looks very yum! I made Bolivian Quinoa Salad and blogged about it. It is really good, especially with the fresh corn from the cob. That cheesy corn on the cob sounds good too!

  3. SASHA!! I love the picture of Vangoghs potatoes…how beautiful!! yay! Just adds another special touch to your very fantastic blog!!!!!

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