Menu: Barbados

Thank goodness you guys aren’t subjected to the agonizing decision process that goes on in my house each week. It literally takes me two days of sifting through recipes to narrow things down. My husband deserves an award for the moral support he gives so freely. Anyway, from all the great options in Barbados, I finally decided on a solid menu of “comfort food.”

Bajan Sweet Potato Fish Cakes [Recipe]
Large flakes of Mahi Mahi blended with mashed sweet potato and seasoned with onion, pepper, and parsley. Substitute your favorite white fish if Mahi Mahi is not available.

Bajan Peas N’ Rice [Recipe]
This common Caribbean side dish comes to life in Barbados with your choice of pigeon peas or kidney beans, rice, and parsley.

Spiked Coconut Water [Recipe]
This stout, mildy sweet drink mixes coconut water with coconut rum and fresh lime juice. Serve over crushed ice.

Bajan Christmas Puddin’ (Pound Cake with Cherries) [Recipe]
Although this pretty pound cake is most common at Christmastime, locals enjoy it all year round. Bake in a bundt pan, slice and serve with hot tea.


  1. Jessica Bennett says

    Wow, that is comfort food! It all sounds absolutely delicious. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  2. John in Tulsa says

    Great looking menu, Sasha. Can’t wait to try all of it. Does the drink have another name?

  3. Megan says

    Sweet potatoes and fish? Wow didn’t see that coming! Did you know we have a carribean restaurant in town? I just found out about it this morning! The owner is from Trinidad.

    • Where? That would be fun to check out! There’s something on Peoria, but I think it’s specifically Jamaican.

  4. Oh my Gosh! Early this year we went for a vacation to the Caribbean and now r in love with the food and culture. Can’t wait to try everything on the menu!

  5. Don’t forget to make/buy some of the typical Barbados pepper sauce that they eat with/on everything!

    And if you find a source for it in Tulsa make sure you let me know where! No luck at WholeFoods or Nam hai…

    • I was looking in Whole Foods and found a couple of hot sauces but the closest I could find was a habenero based one made in the USA and a Jamaican one. Not exactly the same…but would do in a pinch. Do you have a recipe?

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