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Yemen happens to coincide with Halloween.

Halloween means trick or treating. Tons of candy and dressing up as a dream – as someone else.

Or something else.

This year, Ava is going as “the night sky and harvest moon.” Because, well, why not!? We made her dress with tulle, and she sewed her moon together from felt. I helped affixed it to the front of her dress.

In the spirit of Halloween, we dressed up eggs and dates for our Yemeni menu.  I’m not sure either recipe would work for the average trick or treater. What about at your house?

Both recipes and the meal review will be posted throughout the week.

Yemeni Shakshouka [Recipe]

Ava loves eggs. So, when I learned Yemen had their own version of Shakshouka, I knew we had to try it. While most North African and middle eastern shakshouka uses poached eggs, the Yemeni version is a scrambled egg treat prepared with tomatoes, onions, and peppers. The key is in the spices, a blend of cumin, turmeric, cardamon, and clove.

Stuffed Date Balls [Recipe]

An easy, attractive combination of whole dates, almonds, and sesame seeds. A great, healthy dessert – but also good for a housewarming gift, too.


  1. Caroline says

    One of my dearest friends is Yemeni, so I was very excited to share this with her this week! Cannot believe you are so close to finishing. I have loved reading your posts every week, and will be sad to see your project come to an end, in this form; but, I look forward to reading your memoir. Thank you so much for sharing, and Ava’s costume is an absolutely adorable idea!

  2. aunty eileen says

    Very cute idea for a costume, Sasha. And it is fun to see Ava is learning to sew. Maybe you got the ‘tulle fabric’ from this site? ( ‘Paper Mart is a wonderful site’ for all kinds of stuff for creating, etc.) :

    The Stuffed Date Balls I would like very much.

  3. WOW…that’s great Ava has the concentration – sewing is such a useful pastime!…

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