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While I’m not usually much of a breakfast eater, the United Arab Emirates has me reconsidering. And the timing is perfect: I’ve been craving a good breakfast these last few days. I think it’s because preschool started for Ava and we’re all getting up earlier. I also started a workout program for the first time since … well… a while ago. Because of the workout program, I’m looking for early morning fuel, and it has to be nutritious.

I found all that and more in this UAE-inspired menu.

The recipes and the meal review will be posted throughout the week.

Emirati Date Crêpes | Muhalla [Recipe]
Whole wheat, yeast leavened crepes made with dates. Great with yogurt and honey. Add a little fresh fruit for even more healthful deliciousness.

Orange Blossom Juice [Recipe]
Wow your guests (and yourself) by spiking your orange juice with orange blossom water. Get ready for a romantic, beautiful drink especially worthy for breakfast in bed.

How do you start your mornings? Are you a breakfast eater or not? Do you take coffee? Or is the first thing you eat or drink at noon?


  1. HELEN says

    Re: Glazed Orange Coconut Cake/Micronesian Island…

    Just made this cake, looks heavenly, smells ever so yummy.
    Thank you so very much for sharing this recipe Sasha as
    it gave me, through your web-site travels, the opportunity
    to learn of the Micronesian Islands, their people and culture.
    Best wishes to you, Ava and Mr. Picky for a safe and happy journey.

  2. Ha ha, yes, the first thing I eat is usually around noon or not very long before – but it is breakfast! And I will certainly try these pancakes, since I just received a whole box of dates from a friend who grows them.

  3. Just bought a package of high-quality pitted Ajwa Al Madina DATES from an Indian grocery store in Maryland on the drive back from VA. They were expensive ~$20. I plan to eat them as is…at room temperature.
    It says: Product of K.S.A.

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