Gifts for the Stovetop Traveler

Hi, friends. Here’s a lip-smacking collection of gifts with the stovetop traveler in mind. You’ll find everything from kids chopsticks to a boozy liquor cabinet of global proportions.

All of it will help you eat the world better than ever.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! xo

1. Cookie cutter shaped like the world (I hope you’re hungry)

2. Tapas Fondue Set (Retro fun. Love the star cutouts on the candle base)

3. Tunisian Hand Painted Tagine (I own & love a version of this!)

4. Buddy Trainer Chopsticks (Set of 2 in orange and blue.. I’m getting these for Ava.)

5. Bamboo Steamer (10-inch)

6. Blue Koi Fish Teapot (Pretty, pretty)

7. Turkish Ibrik Coffee Maker (Coffee? Yes. Plus, who needs a microwave, when you can heat everything up in an Ibrik).

8. “Snow Globe” Spice Shaker Set (seriously!)

9. Ebelskiver Pan & Mix Set (something I’ve always wanted to try)

10. Fish Chopstick Rests (Set of 4)

11. Let’s Make a Date Line Bulletin Board (keep track of your global menus)

12. Ceramic Potlluck Roaster (want!)

13. Global Placecard Holders (ditto!)

14. La Chamba Comal (simply beautiful way to char up veggies, cook tortillas, and more)

15. Chamba Fish Roaster (sigh)

16. Alasdair Glass Tea Kettle (I own & love this!)

17. Concept Housewares Molcajete Mortar and Pestle (look at that ergonomic handle!)

18. Pepper Mill Imports Traditional Coffee/Spice Mill, Brass, 11″

19. Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas, Set of 6 Dry Measuring Cups (too cute!)

20. Globe Drinks Cabinet (Classy and fun.)

Bonus: Keep charity in mind this year and always. Here’s a great list of ideas for giving the gift of charity from the New York Times.

What’s on your wishlist this year? (My husband is looking for ideas… )
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  1. Love it! What a great list!

  2. All of them! But if I had to pick one…I would say the #7: Turkish Ibrik Coffee Maker (Coffee? Yes. Plus, who needs a microwave, when you can heat everything up in an Ibrik).

    Funny…we don’t have a microwave! ;) Great list, Sasha.

  3. The ceramic potluck roaster! So nice!

  4. Where do you get these things?!? There’s a couple I don’t think I can go on without…the cookie cutter #1, and the spice shaker set #8. These would make me smile everytime we used them.

  5. Wow – how to choose… I’d go with either the bamboo steamer or the tagine. Hmmmm – the tagine. Or the ebelskiver (I have a cheap knock off version though.) Nope – tagine it is!

  6. Well. Picking one is much harder than I thought. What great ideas. I can’t decide between the most practical that we would use, or something just fun that we wouldn’t think of on our own. I think I will have to go with the Globe. It just looks too lovely to resist!

  7. I’d be happy with any of these wonderful global gifts! If I have to choose I guess I’d pick the Ebelskiver Pan & Mix Set.
    Sounds like great fun for weekend breakfast/brunch.

  8. The mortar and pestle. It’s definitely one of those things that I see in the store all the time and think that I should get one, but then never do. But since I don’t have a spice grinder, it would do much better that trying to just crush spices with the bottom of a pan on the kitchen counter.

  9. Having neither a teapot nor coffee maker at this time, go figure that I’d be drawn to the beautiful ibrik. That blue koi teapot is too, too pretty to not come out ahead, though.

  10. Love the list! I actually have a few items on my own wish list already but thanks for all the new wonderful wishes just in time for the holiday :)

  11. I’d love to cook with theTunisian Hand Painted Tagine! Pleeeeeaaseeeeeeeeee. I have been a good girl:-)

  12. Love the Chamba Fish Roaster. Besides all the other things! That is really great list.

  13. My mom makes ebelskivers with almond flour & coconut flour & apples, and they turn out awesome! Yummy paleo treats.

  14. This list is great. I’m also hoping for the Modernist Cuisine at Home book.

  15. I’d do a happy squeeful dance in the store aisle in front of any of those items, but I think the matroyshkas measuring cups would make me the happiest of campers. Beyond being adorable, they’d solve the recurring mystery of who took the 2/3 Cup off the measuring cup ring and where they hid it today…

  16. Oh my goodness! I don’t know how I’d ever choose! I’ve been on the hunt for a great pepper mill, and that one is gorgeous!

  17. #12, The covered baking dish in cobalt blue Wow what a beautiful covered baking dish, good for cooking a whole chicken about 100 different ways, Provance with herbs and white wine and garlic, Chinese chicken cooked twice, stewed in soy sauce and tangerine peel then roasted with a 5 spice rub, Chicken in a pot from Ireland, 97 too go….

  18. Mortar and pestle with ergonomic handle would be divine in my little kitchen!

  19. I love the matroyshka measuring cups!

  20. Linda Montes says:

    Oh my goodness, what to choose. I am so undecisive. I love the glass teapot, but also the tagine. I just love ready your blog. Happy Holidays.

  21. elisa waller says:

    far heat tas..make way into donovans tummy!

  22. OMG, Sasha. Monday I pulled out my Midnight Mocha Rum Cake recipe – a birthday treat for my next in line birthday person at work. I suddenly realized. I haven’t heard from Global Table in over a month. I must have been REALLY busy during “The Season”, not to notice that you posts were gone from my email and Facebook. Oh and now I have to catch up too, a :-g task. I have signed up again!! Don’t know how that happened, but hopefully will be fixed now. And did I see there is a book coming. Oh glory! And that will be the perfect house gift for my niece (and for me). ~S:D PS I will sign up through FB once I get home from work. PPS That cake is as always, unbelievable.

  23. Definitely the tagine – I never even knew about this wonderful method of cooking before you showed us, Sasha.

  24. Tunisian Hand Painted Tagine

  25. As one who loves interntional cuisine I loved seeing the many different tools. I love the tagine as well as the turkish coffee maker. Great collection!

  26. I would LOVE to cook with it!


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