Menu: Saint Lucia (w/ Giveaway)

When Thanksgiving meal preparations take over the household, I like to do little things to make the rest of the week’s meals feel fun. With that in mind, I put together two festive, but relatively quick treats to make the ordinary extraordinary.  After all, why can’t every day be Thanksgiving? The theme for both is breakfast, Saint Lucia-style.

Caribbean Bakes [Recipe]
If your family likes doughnuts and biscuits, these fried discs of soft, doughy goodness will certainly be a big hit. Serve them warm with sweet, fruity jam, salt fish, lunchmeat, or even sliced cheese.

Cocoa Tea [Recipe]
This is the traditional morning drink in Saint Lucia. Think thick, rich hot cocoa with cinnamon, and a dusting of ground nutmeg.


Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, friends!  So here’s something you never knew you wanted… ancient map leggings from Black Milk Clothing.

I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. And, p.s., I instantly thought of ten people I’d like to buy them for.

They’d look great with a big sweater, under a skirt with tall boots, or just around the house.


And, just in case the thought of being so exposed makes you nervous, how about going for a layered look?

Count me in!




Congratulations to Dutchgirl who said:

Love the leggings!

In Holland no special meals this week. Normally I cook from a variety of countries during the week (Italian, Dutch, Indonesian…)

Yay! Please email me by December 3, 2012 to claim your prize.

Simply leave a comment here answering one of the following questions:

What will you be making/bringing for Thanksgiving Dinner? If you don’t celebrate, how about what are your dinner plans this week? Will there be any global love on your table? What are you thankful for?


That’s it!

Bonus entries will be provided for those that tweet this giveaway with hashtag #globalgiveaway and/or share it on Pinterest and Facebook.

Leave your answer in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random and announced in the Monday Meal Review on November 26, 2012. Prize must be claimed by December  3, 2012. There are no sponsors for this giveaway. I simply wanted to share some global love with you. Enjoy!


  1. I love those! I am bringing Pakistani mixed beans for Thanksgiving! Yum! I am beyond thankful for my family and friends that I consider family!

  2. We’ll be with family, I can’t wait to see my siblings! Unfortunately all 11 of us won’t be able to celebrate Thanksgiving together, but we’re hoping to get together for Christmas. I’m bringing homemade Italian bread, my oldest sister is making pavlova for dessert, and we’ll have kale salad, squash, and pear-cranberry relish among other things. It’s also the birthday of one of my sisters so we have two reasons to celebrate.

  3. Nicole DeBoer says

    Since my family lives within 45 miles of each other we do a Progressive Thanksgiving. The whole day of eating and celebrating: breakfast, brunch/appetizers, traditional meal, then dessert. This year I have dessert and here’s my menu: Chocolate Pumpkin Cake with pumpkin cream, Mini Pumpkin Pies baked in pumpkin shells, Pear & Cranberry Hand Pies, Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie… and Pumpkin Pie Martinis. Let the thankfulness begin! P.S. I’m thankful for GLOBAL TABLE and Sasha! They make every morning special!

  4. Well, the boyfriend has to work on Thanksgiving, then we are running out to his parents for a quick meal then get back home early so I can get up at 2:30am to go WORK Black Friday! But I am going to make some potato rolls to take out with us! His mom always makes a big spread of turkey, sweet potatoes and all the fixins!

  5. Ashley Emerson says

    I bring pecan pie, pumpkin cranberry bread, & a joyful heart. We are a global loving kind of family with open hearts. We celebrate & conversations tend to veer toward where we were in the world when. . . I am grateful for abundance & access to it! Thank you for sharing your abundant views & research thru food & photography!

  6. Celelste Childress says

    I’ll be taking the dressing, cranberry relish, fruit salad and a mystery dish. Last year I made a double recipe for the dressing, and we had only one small serving left over – a tragedy! This year I will quadruple the recipe so there will be some to take home!

  7. I won’t be making a turkey because it will just be my husband and I and we live in Switzerland (I’m American, he’s Portuguese) but I will certainly be making some corn bread! If I don’t get to it tomorrow I will def. find the time this weekend. We’ll also have (canned) cranberry sauce that my mom sent me last year!

  8. meganleiann says

    I’m making a pumpkin pie, poppyseed salad dressing and roasted brussels sprouts! I might throw in some fresh cranberry sauce to counter the can. 🙂

  9. We are not celebrating Thanksgiving as such here in France, but I do consciously practice gratitude on a daily basis — so indeed, every day is Thanksgiving day in that sense.

    I would have liked to prepare an American-style turkey dinner tomorrow just to join in the global fun, but I will not have enough time. Instead, we are going to have leftover lamb, which I will probably turn into a curry — a different way to remind ourselves to be grateful for our abundance. Being able to buy more food than we can eat in a single day, we are very much luckier than the one billion people who will go to bed hungry today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, too.

  10. I’m living in Ecuador but am getting together with my fellow Americans in Ecuador for a fancy dinner at a hotel in Quito hosted by the organization that’s supporting our work here (Fubright!) Even though I’m far from my other family, I’m thankful my husband is here with me. 🙂

  11. Nothing really global on our table. But nothing really traditional either. My theme this year: celebrating the bounty of our county. So, we’re goin’ organic and local. It’s crab season, so I’m making a crab tart for starters…progressing through roasted pumpkin soup with fennel and persimmons…braised lamb shanks with barley and chestnuts…finishing with a white chocolate cremeux and fennel pollen shortbread. LOVE those pants by the way!

  12. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I’m ridiculously excited about tomorrow. I’m making a Moroccan spiced turkey to go with my Velvety Butternut Squash (seasoned with Ras el Hanout), so I guess we’re kind of doing a Moroccan theme this year. YAY!

    Um. Those tights are the awesomest thing EVER.

  13. I am making a very standard Thanksgiving – turkey, potatoes, stuffing, pecan and chocolate cream pie and green beans – but I am aiming for simple, delicious, local and organic.

    I am thankful for my family. We are under a lot of stress right now, and we have been bickering and snipping at each other like stressed out people will, but underneath it all I love them very much. I make food to show my love, and as I make everything I am taking my time and being intentional with every ingredient. I hope that they understand as we sit down how much of myself I am giving them with each bite.

  14. At our Canadian Thanksgiving I made the usual suspects (turkey, stuffing, mashed potato), and variations on the usual sides (this time: steamed green beans, root vegetable ribbons with sage butter, brussels sprouts with brown butter, bacon, and apple cider). The big twist was instead of making cranberry sauce, I made a lovely green tomato chutney to use up all the garden tomatoes that were never going to ripen, and it was a big hit!

  15. Sally Jo says

    I’m home for the holiday, and while I’m not making anything on my own, I’ll be helping my mother make the turkey, stuffing with dried cherries, mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple pie.

  16. Unfortunately, my family lives too far away to visit with only two extra days off from school. However, I am usually taken in by some kind family willing to look after a stray. 🙂 So…I have no idea what’s on the menu, but I suspect it will be pretty traditional. Nothing wrong with that, although I am currently in a major Thai/Vietnamese phase. My per-Thanksgiving dinner? Bun Cha. Yummy!

  17. I’m making it all myself–very traditional, and the same every year. I’m grateful that my parents are here and other relatives are flying down tomorrow. I miss my daughter who is away at college, but she’ll be home for Christmas.

  18. My husband, who always cooks on Thanksgiving:), will make pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes with orange, to take to our friends’ house. I am thankful for healthy children, awesome husband, loving family and supportive friends:) Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. dutchgirl says

    Love the leggings!

    In Holland no special meals this week. Normally I cook from a variety of countries during the week (Italian, Dutch, Indonesian…)

  20. Leslie says

    Non Traditional Thanksgiving ,My middle daughter made my husbands’ favorite half a roast leg of lamb, jeweled with garlic , with the out side coated with paprika salt, and pepper. UMMM simple and amazingly good. We added the sides, green beans with bacon and carmelized onion. I made homemade corn bread. I still served cranberry sauce. I would like to give my middle daughter the black milk tights as a thank you gift. She likes black and white, grey and pink and graphic and trendy. These tights would be perfect for her.

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