About the food of Kazakhstan

Sharyn River Canyon in Kazakhstan. Photo by Jonas Satkauskas.

Last night we had to say goodbye to my sweet kitty Cabo. He was very sick with feline AIDS. I’m feeling pretty low right now, so I hope you understand if I keep this brief.

Thankfully, Kazakhstan has fascinating food, so it is a decent diversion from my tired, puffy eyes and splitting heartache. And diversion is exactly what this heartache needs.

So let’s go for it. Let’s talk Kazakhstan.

Imagine eating a meal that has elements of Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East all bundled up together.

The result is the occasional stir-fry, noodle [recipe], turnip, and lamb-laden stew [recipe].

In one pot.

A melting pot, if you will.

With a side of pickled vegetables.

Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan. Photo by Jonas Satkauskas.

The Kazakh’s eat a lot of boiled meats – and unusual meat, too – like horse. Lamb is probably the most popular meat and one place you’ll find it is in Manti, a steamed dumpling served with sour cream.

Like in the Middle East, the Kazakh’s love extremely sweet sweets – honey soaked noodles are particularly popular (called chak chak) [recipe], although fried dough is also beloved. They call theirs Baursaki. Serve with salty tea [recipe].

So those are a few tidbits about Kazakhstan. I hope you have a happy day.

And those of you with pets, give them a special hug for me.

Maps and flag courtesy of CIA World Factbook.


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