Menu: Grenada

Reading our new favorite book "Thank you, world" by Alice McGinty

Say hello to our menu, inspired by Grenada’s sandy beaches and lively seaside parties. While I’ve wished (over and over again) that Oklahoma had a shoreline, the best thing I can do for now is to have beach parties without the beach. I know it’s a stretch but, if it’s particularly windy, the Oklahoma wind almost sounds like the ocean… and then I don’t miss Cape Cod and Boston nearly so much.

If you haven’t already guessed, let me just say – we do a lot of imagining in our house. Case in point: we read Ava about ten books a day. This latest book we picked up, called Thank You, World, is a brilliant way to dream about how things are done in other lands. In the picture above we’re looking at the ways kids sleep around the world; she’s pointing out the child happily crashed out in a hammock. Adorable.

Vegan Oil Down with Yucca [Recipe]
Oil Down can be made with breadfruit or yucca – our recipe uses the latter, the very ingredient I swore off months ago after several failed recipes. It’s hard to swear off an ingredient beloved around the world – plus, breadfruit is out of season. For this recipe, simmer yucca in coconut milk with onion, carrot celery, a hot pepper, and spinach (a substitute for the popular callaloo), until thick and the coconut oil creates a slick surface. While meat-eaters can add pork, this is a lighter, vegan version.

Spinners and Sinkers [Recipe]
No Oil Down is complete without spinners and sinkers, Caribbean dumplings. Ours include a touch of corn meal for color and a bit of toothsome texture.

Nutmeg Ice Cream [Recipe]
Nutmeg is everywhere in Grenada, so nutmeg ice cream simply had to make this list. You’ll think you’re spooning frozen eggnog. Creamy and luscious.

Caribbean Rum Punch [Recipe]… that’s the Rum Punch formula. One of sour. Two of sweet. Three of strong. Four of weak. I think you’ll love what I used to bring the formula to life. It all gets dusted with fresh nutmeg. Stay tuned for the recipe.

What would you try?

*The meal review and all recipes will be posted by Monday morning.


  1. Nutmeg is great and of course the ice cream would be a favorite for all of us Okies! We do love our sweets! I am unsure of using the yucca plant, where would you pruchase that in our oart of OKLAHOMA? Ava’s new book sounds real interesting!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Go team nutmeg! As for yucca – it might be in the produce section of your grocery store. If not you can also find it at latino markets.

  2. Jessica Bennett says

    That all sounds good- especially looking forward to hearing more about the dumplings! And the book sounds lovely too. Speaking of books, have you heard of the book that’s been making it’s way around Facebook called Go the (expletive) to Sleep? Not a sweet & gentle book that you read to kids but definitely funny (if you’re not easily offended) and something I’m sure all parents can relate to at some point in their lives.

  3. Christine says

    I always miss Cape Cod- and I’m only as far away as Boston 🙂

    • Sasha Martin says

      Oh, you are so lucky. I’d spend all my winters there if I could. A writer’s dream.

      • Christine says

        Totally true. Most people want out in the wintertime, but I’d be there all year round if I could. Maybe someday, once I’m done with school.

        • Jessica Bennett says

          I love New England beaches in the winter. I lived in Maine for a couple years (about 15 inland minutes from York) and used to love taking walks during the off-seasons. I made my way up and down much of the New England coast whenever I could afford the time for a day trip. One time I even got to go to Plymouth in March for work- that was great! My favourite memory though was waking up ridiculously early one Sunday morning and driving to York beach to watch the sunrise- not a soul in site. It was a perfect moment in my life. Now I live about 5 hours from the ocean. Fortunately, I live in the mountains (although they’re fairly small), which I really prefer.

          • Sasha Martin says

            Oh it all sounds so wonderful and, yes, the mountains are a great setting as well.

          • Yvonne says

            Wow, you guys are all making me see my home in a new and wonderful way. I live right in between Boston and Cape Cod and I guess I just took it all for granted. I always want to travel anywhere but here, hmmm. But, yes, you’re right. I guess I need to take a moment and look around with new eyes at the wonder around me. Thank you!

  4. elisa says

    where ever you go I wanna be… 🙂 miss you…even after reading thispost twice..I am confused baout why it is called Oil Down? hmm…but it all is deemed delicious before its even tasted… yay!

  5. Tina says

    Rum punch – I’m there! The ice cream sounds fabulous as well!

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