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Have you ever known someone who is so lovely that, even if they were caught in a rainstorm, they’d still be stunning? Someone who never wears lipstick and mascara, but still manages to draw eyes from across the room? Welcome to Grenada. Pretty, no matter what the weather. And trust me, she’s had her test of hurricanes.

An aerial view of the runway at Point Salines Airport, Grenada. Photo by US Air Force.

An aerial view of the runway at Point Salines Airport, Grenada. Photo by US Air Force.

Known as the spice island, Grenada has it all – from clear waters to winding mountain paths, and from tropical jungle waterfalls to bustling town markets. As for what’s in the markets… well… let’s just say if you’re looking for nutmeg, Grenada is the place to be. This cluster of seven islands is second only to Indonesia as the world’s greatest producer of nutmeg (as well as the outer fruit, mace) and it’s particularly great in the regional specialty, nutmeg ice cream [Recipe].

Just don’t eat a lot. Nutmeg can make your tongue numb. Too much can even kill you.

Don’t ask me how I know that.

The numb tongue part. Not the killing part.

Let’s change the subject, shall we?

If you went to a beach party in Grenada you’d surely eat Oil Down, the national dish in which breadfruit (or sometimes yucca/cassava) is stewed with coconut milk, curry, greens (such as callaloo), and pork [Recipe]. This rich dish cooks until most of the coconut milk soaks into the starch, leaving behind an oily residue. The dish can be rather spicy, depending who makes it. It almost always includes homemade dumplings (“spinners and sinkers”) for a little extra carb-load [Recipe].

Other things you’d find in Grenada? Indian foods like chapati and curry, as well as boatloads of fresh fruit and tropical drinks. Rum punch is also a big hit [Recipe], as well as fresh fruit smoothies.

Once you’re done, you might consider taking a dive to the site of the world’s first underwater sculpture garden.


Carriacou, Grenada. Photo by Lloyd Morgan.

Carriacou, Grenada. Photo by Lloyd Morgan.

Photos: CIA World Factbook


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