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Ava’s getting her molars in, which means she is in an extra special mood. These teeth must be massive. Ginormous. For weeks now they’ve been on the move – she’ll go a few days in pain, then a few days off. Patience is at a premium, but I’ve learned to fill entire afternoons with long walks in the stroller. Instantly Ava chills out and spends the walk pointing out the birds, squirrels, and flowers. It’s really rather sweet.

With all this teething, I wasn’t sure what food Ava was going to enjoy for Gabon, but I figured eggs were a sure bet. The rest was up in the air. The colonial influence on Gabon means we haven’t totally left France behind.

What sounds good to you?

French Omelet with Cheese [Recipe]
Omelets are all over Gabon. This is a classic French omelet, as was taught to me at the Culinary Institute of America.

Hickory Smoked Flank Steak Sandwiches (Coupé coupé) [Recipe]
Hickory smoked flank steak, thinly shaved and loaded onto a toasted baguette. Our version is piled high with spicy poblanos and onion.

Star Fruit Curd with Tropical Fruit [Recipe]
Pale green star fruit grow abundantly in Gabon. Following French tradition, I made a lovely curd and layered it, parfait-style, with cubed mango and bananas – two other fruit that grow well in Gabon.

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