Menu: Costa Rica

Costa Rican food is warm, comforting and upbeat (yes, food can be upbeat – just ask a juicy, lime-green lime). Thank goodness, because I need some happy comfort! You see, I’m nervous – since we won’t be moving into a shiny new-to-us home, we’re polishing up our current residence (and cooking around the mess).

First step? Painting my dark wood cabinets (in my dungeon kitchen) a pretty white color. I’m hoping “pretty” and “white” will erase the “dark” and “dungeon” effect. I will also have you know I am not painting them myself. In all honesty, I’m not allowed to do projects that involve “coloring within the lines.” I’m too messy. I think it’s because my mom forbid coloring books when I was little (she said the lines wreck kids’ creativity). Let’s just say I’m really “creative.”

Have you ever done a kitchen remodel of any sort? Was it worth it? Or would you rather just eat Costa Rican food?

Heart of Palm Salad (Palmitos) [Recipe]
Heart of Palm tossed with romaine lettuce, sweet peppers, and tomatoes. A squeeze of lime juice and a drizzle of olive oil over the top is the traditional way to dress this salad.

Costa Rican Potatoes with Corn Tortilla (Gallitos de Papa) [Recipe]
Potatoes fried with paprika and garlic, then heaped in a soft corn tortilla.

Beans and Rice (Gallo Pinto) [Recipe]
Black beans and rice come together with a splash of Worcestershire sauce in this popular Costa Rican dish.

Caramel Milk Candies (Dulce de Leche Candy) [Recipe]
Sweetened Condensed milk is cooked all day to make this toffee-like candy. Just in time for Halloween!


  1. Gramma says

    hi! We are in the middle of a PROJECT, too–a simple floor covering has blossomed into painting three rooms–before the painter comes! We are eating microwave stuff today because of the kitchen mess–Admiring your dedication to try something new in the middle of painting–Hope it goes well!
    This menu looks pretty vegetarian–what meat dish could be added?

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thanks! I don’t know if I’m crazy or what 🙂

      For an easy meat dish you could grill up sausages – like chorizo. They’d be great with the beans and rice, as well as with the potatoes!

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