Menu: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Yet another week of agonizing menu choices. There is just too much good food in this world. 🙂 After much deliberation, here’s how this week’s Global Table will celebrate the flavors of Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Chopped Salad (Sopska Salata) [Recipe]
Fresh tomato, green pepper, red onion, and feta cheese, topped with a sprinkle of chopped parsley, red wine vinegar, and olive oil.

Finger Sausages (Cevapi) [Recipe]
Cevapi is popular street-food in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The small, grilled sausages are made from a blend of beef, lamb, and sometimes pork. Enjoy with doughy Somun (thick pita-style bread) and white onion.

Balkan Baked Beans (Prebranac) [Recipe]
Prebranac is an easy, addictive side dish made with white kidney beans, caramelized onion, garlic, and loads of paprika.

Bosnian Coffee (Bosanska Kafa) [Recipe]
Bosnian coffee is made from a superfine grind, but don’t be fooled. This strong drink has kick!

NOTE: Special thanks to Deanna, one of our readers who spent every summer in Bosnia as a child. She volunteered to teach me what she knew about Bosnia and Herzegovina. I probably should have warned Deanna that she’d have to answer a million questions via email! Nonetheless, she did a great job. I can’t thank her enough. Her first-hand experience made the learning experience that much richer.

Speaking of learning – I want to share a bit of corny love… Thanks to you, Global Table now has visitors from each continent except Antarctica (anyone know any penguins who can change that? 😉 ). Just this last week we welcomed readers from 58 countries (with Facebook fans in 20).  Awesome! I love learning from all of you. Your food is why I am here! Remember, I’m just a mom trying to learn what I can about this wonderful world and eat well. xo


  1. Tina Nettles says

    Your good news just makes me want to hold hands and sing “It’s a Small World”! Congrats on all your success and vast readership!

    • globaltable says

      Wow… great link, Brian! Now, too bad they didn’t make some of the exotic “local” dishes they mentioned… but instead went for Thai food. On second thought…. maybe that’s for the best. 😀

    • globaltable says

      Ha ha, Brian! That’s great. They sound pretty friendly. I hope they stop in from time to time lol.

  2. Amanda says

    Hi there,

    I’m excited to see Bosnian food mentioned. Just wondering if you happen to come across good recipe for lepinja? Have you any clue what beef broth they dip into? Any recipe for that one as well?
    I would really appreciate that.
    Many thanks : )

    • Sasha Martin says

      Thanks – I haven’t tried a recipe for this yet, although a good bread baking book might have something. You might try wandering through B&N to see. I think the beef broth is like an “au jus” from French Dip sandwiches. Here’s a video which shows a version of the bread and broth.

  3. Barb Clough says

    I enjoyed working on this dinner my 22nd Global Table country 6 years after you! I did go online and found recipe and made the Somun naan/pita you mentioned. Also found an “Bosnian Apple Pita” – the dough is like phyllo – very thin!

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