Recipe: Fried Plantains

One plantain serves 1-2

Fried plantains can be on the table in less than 5 minutes. This easy, delicious side dish goes well with any Caribbean or African food. In particular, the slightly sweet flavor helps contrast with both region’s spicy dishes.


1 plantain
vegetable oil
salt or brown sugar


1. Heat a thin layer of vegetable oil in a frying pan. Meanwhile, cut plantains into long, oblong slices.

NOTE: Choose plantains that are yellow to black in color, not green. The green plantain in the photo was still under ripe and inedible. Green plantains behave like green bananas, after a few days the bland astringency gives way to a mildly sweet flavor.

2. Fry in the oil on both sides until browned.

NOTE: How browned you like them is a matter of taste. I like my fried plantains pretty dark :)

3. Sprinkle immediately with salt or brown sugar. Serve hot.

The first time I made plantains – oops crispy.

Although they are a bit charred, they are still uber tasty.

When I made them again, for Burundi, I turned the heat down a little.

Ahhhh, much better! :)

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  1. In Samoa, these are a staple with eggs for breakfast (scrambled or otherwise) – pretty good…


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