About Miss Ava

Fireworks exploded when Ava was born. Literally.

July 4, 2009. From that day forward I knew – as the mother to this amazing, innocent being, I couldn’t just stand on the sidelines any more. But what could I do?

After several months, the rumblings of my heart grew loud and clear – I wanted what every mother wants. For Ava to grow up in a peaceful world, with a compassionate heart. I wanted her to experience and celebrate the beauty of this world. By extension, I wanted that for all the children of this world.

It occurred to me that we create peace in this world when we learn about each other – when we understand one another. By learning about (and sampling) meals from around the world, Ava will grow up naturally celebrating other cultures, other ways, other possibilities. Her mind will be open. I wish the same for you.

Seven Fun Facts About Ava

  1. Ava will have tried something from every country in the world before she turns five.
  2. We started this Adventure her first month eating solids. She nibbled on soft pieces of Afghani chicken and loved them. She also had pureed versions of the food.
  3. Ava tried kangaroo meat before her first birthday.
  4. Much to our surprise, Ava is a fan of spicy food.
  5. Ava couldn’t so much look at bread without gagging for the first 18 months of life. Laxoox changed all that.
  6. Ava used baby sign language, making it easy for her to ask for more, her drink, or to say she’s all done.
  7. Today Ava uses chopsticks, her hands, silverware, and whatever else comes her way.


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