Monday Meal Review: Venezuela

Lately, I have this crazy energy.

I thought it was because I’m almost done with this four-year challenge.

Or because we just ate the world in one day, between our event in Tulsa and all of you who cooked along on October 12th!

Or because I just saw my family. They always energize me!


Then, I thought, perhaps it is because I am exactly two weeks away from my major book deadline. After this date, some changes can be made, but the book baby is largely out of my hands.

Or maybe it’s simpler than all this. Maybe I’ve been drinking too many shots of espresso.

Am I the only one who does that in busy times?

Surely not.

The thing about crazy energy, it wakes me up too early. All the things I have to do rush through my brain space, an unwelcome stampede. But even as I squeeze my eyes shut, I can’t make it stop. Generally, it’s about the book. My mind races with all the things I need to fix, edit, add.

Do you get up when you can’t sleep at night? The few times I’ve listened to that energy – that persistent and, yes, annoying call – I’ve done some of the best work of my life. Which immediately makes me regret not getting up all the other times.

At least I have a fridge full of chopped up fruit drink, from Venezuela to keep me going. I might have crazy energy, but I’m full of Vitamin C!


Fresh Corncakes with Cheese | Cachapas [Recipe]

What I loved most about this dish:

Everything. Just two ingredients, plus cheese. Amazing flavor. Everyone enjoyed them and wished there were more. Cachapas will definitely be in our regular rotation!

What I loved least about this dish:

I thought these were going to be hard to make, but a food processor does the job quickly and a blender, with just a little help. I also thought they would fall apart on the griddle, but the key is to give them enough time on each side – no different from any other pancake.

Venezuelan Fruit Punch | Tizana [Recipe]

What I loved most about this dish:

There’s something about having a pitcher of fruit in the fridge for a week and having it still taste good. Venezuela’s little tizana trick of keeping fruit in orange juice to preserve it just might mean I’ll eat fruit daily.

What I loved least about this dish:

Two simple things: while the banana is excellent, it doesn’t preserve quite as long as the rest of the fruit. It’s the only one that starts to show signs of mushiness 6 days later. The second issue was that Ava seems to have an aversion to pineapple and banana, so once she spotted them, it was all over.  It’ll be easy to adapt this recipe with fruits she does love, though, like mango, apple, watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew.




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