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I’ll be posting about our Global Table Experience event  in a few weeks, once we’re done cooking the world (just five weeks left!) For now, here’s a sneak peek of the tables taken by my friends over at Concepts PR (you can click it to make it larger). There is 90% of the world on those tables.


While I was supposed to be cooking Venezuela, all the Global Table Experience craziness was going on. You can see the line starting to form on the right.  There was a massive crowd.

But more on that later. For now, let’s talk Venezuela.

I chose two amazing but simple items to try:

Watch for the recipes in the coming days…

Fresh Corncakes with Cheese | Cachapas [Recipe]

Think pancakes, but made with blended corn kernels. Hot Cachapas are topped with cheese, then folded in half. Unlike Arepas, which require specialty flour, Cachapas are a very accessible taste of Venezuela.

Venezuelan Fruit Punch | Tizana [Recipe]

There are a million different ways to make Tizana, but two things are a must. First, tizana includes lots of chopped up fruits. Second, every recipe I’ve seen includes a happy splash of grenadine.

What would you try from Venezuela?


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