Menu: Lesotho

Ava was endlessly fascinated with the "bubbles" in her latte.

Weeks like this make me really happy. First of all, I’m learning about a country I knew nothing about last week. Turns out I’m a big fan of Lesotho and today’s menu. Anything with steamed milk or potatoes is a near automatic win. And who wouldn’t want to drink tea and eat papa in their pj’s? Second of all, my two year-old daughter is singing in her first ever musical performance (ahhhh). I’m not sure my heart can take it; the cuteness is going to be ridiculous. Third of all, I get to travel back to Estonia to make gingerbread cookies for the party after said performance. This is simply the most wonderful time of year.

That being said, let’s eat Lesotho. What sounds good to you?*

Red Rooibos Latte  [Recipe]
Double-strength Red Rooibos tea, topped off with steamed milk, honey and cinnamon. It’ll make you sing.

Papa  [Recipe]
While this is what Ava calls Keith, we aren’t serving him up for dinner. No, in this instance, papa is more like the grits of Lesotho. The staple is eaten on it’s own or with veggies, meats and other saucy meals.

Moroko Mash  [Recipe]
Potatoes and mustard greens stewed until soft and mashable. The final result looks like very green mashed potatoes. Brilliant.

*All recipes and the meal review will be up by Monday morning.


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