Menu: Burundi

If you are looking for something quick and easy, Burundian food is for you. This fresh, healthy meal can easily be sized up for a crowd. Be sure to serve this meal with a big pot of white rice on the side.

Fish with Tomatoes and Onion [Recipe]
Light and healthy cod fish steamed with tomatoes, onion, a hint of habenero and red palm oil. Traditional recipes use Ndagala or mukéké.

Red Kidney Beans with Plantains [Recipe]
Spicy chili powder brings red kidney beans to life, while mildly sweet plantains make this dish addictive comfort food.

Fried Plantains [Recipe]
Lightly pan-fried plantains turn golden and crispy, with a pinch of salt.

Hot Sauce (Pili Pili) [Recipe]
Pili Pili (or piri piri) is made with fresh citrus juice, either lemon or lime, tons of garlic, and chili peppers. Additional herbs like parsley can be added if desired.

Fresh Tropical Fruit
Cooked desserts are not common in Burundi. Instead, fresh pineapple or bananas are served at the end of the meal.


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