Once upon Rose Water

“Stay focused,” I told myself.

I finished picking through the 1/2 pound bags of cinnamon sticks and lifted my head, scanning the aisles for Rose Water.  The Indian grocery store, Laxmi Spices, was small but well-organized.

Ava squirmed on my hip, reaching for the pretty bags in front of her.

“Stay focused.” I whispered to her and walked towards the Rose Water.

Ava let out a squeal and lunged to the side. I caught her and looked in the direction of her small, outstretched hands.

That’s when I lost all self-control.

There, on the floor, was a pile of steel pans. Glorious steel pans.

Usually, I am an indecisive shopper. One look at these pans, however, and I knew that I would be purchasing one.

My new toy, a.k.a. the Stirring Pot

Let me tell you, these pans are heavy-duty. They don’t have pansy plastic handles so they can go from  stove top to oven with ease. And they aren’t coated in nonstick, a product I only tolerate for omelette making.

Their shape serves both as a wok and as a casserole dish (perfect for this weekend’s Afghan rice dish). For only twenty dollars this pan is better than anything Williams Sonoma has to offer.

Note: Steel must be thoroughly dried before storage to avoid rusting. For more information on how to clean this type of pan click here.

After bringing my prize up to the register, I regrouped and headed once again for the Rose Water. I swiftly scooped up a bottle and headed towards check out.

Thirty minutes later I left.


With all of this…

L to R: Ground Cardamom, Cardamom Seeds, Golden Raisins, Ghee (toasted, clarified butter with a high smoke point like oil), Rose Water, Saffron, Cayenne Pepper, Graham Masala, and Cumin Seeds.

Whoops! 🙂

P.S.  Rose Water smells like grandma gym socks.
In a good way.


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