Go Global with 8 Edible Hiding Spots for your Easter Eggs


An Easter Tradition Easter Eggs are a thing in our house. We dye them. We decorate them. We gobble them up in two's (it's funny how a purple or green shell can make an ordinary egg taste eggstraordinary). When I was little Mom hid these boiled treats in the yard and, after we found them we ate them, still-warm from the sun. Today plastic eggs have taken over - probably because of one too many tummy aches after an overly hot Easter. But the kids don't seem to notice; they scramble to collect … [Read more...]

Monday Meal Review: Colombia


"What's a poached egg" Mr Picky asked me. "Hold on a second," I said, cracking the crooked egg into a dish. The egg was laid just two days ago from our friend's chicken. Hence it was crooked. The yolk was brilliant gold... almost orange. I thought about how runny the yolk would be after poaching. How creamy and delicious. And I thought about how much Mr Picky hates runny eggs. Or claims he hates them. After all, I've never seen him eat a runny egg yolk, so who knows if he's ever actually … [Read more...]

Recipe: Colombian Oatmeal Smoothie (Avena)


Makes 1 liter of "concentrate" Sweet and thick oatmeal drink can be made ahead for stress-free (and kid-friendly) brunch. Simply thin with extra milk before serving. Ingredients: 1/2 cup oatmeal 4 cups milk (plus extra for thinning drink) 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon Method: Heat milk in a large pot. Bring to a simmer... Add oatmeal. I used "3 minute" Irish oatmeal. Season with a big dollop of cinnamon. Smells like autumn joy. Then add sugar - white … [Read more...]

Recipe: Creamy Avocado Dressing (Vinagreta de Aguacate)


Makes about 1 cup Thick and rich, this dressing will add South American flavor to any salad. Also, try it as a dip. Ingredients: 2 avocados 2 limes, juiced 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar 1/2 cup olive oil (or to taste) salt pepper 1 Tbsp chopped cilantro Method: Scoop the flesh of two ripe avocados into a blender. These ones were so ripe, they were buttery-good. Add the juice of of two limes. There's no substitute for the tart zing of lime juice. And a healthy pinch … [Read more...]

Recipe: Coca Cola Rice (Arroz con Cola)


Serves 2-4 Ahhh... nothing like a nice glass of cola. But what about in rice? The slightly sweet taste will leave you begging for more, especially when served with spicy food (as is common in Colombia). Ingredients: olive oil 1 small onion, chopped 1 cup rice 1 cup broth or water 1 cup cola salt pepper Method: Add a little oil to a small pot. Olive oil makes the world go round. Heat over medium and add chopped onion. Stir and cook for about five minutes. Once they are … [Read more...]

Video Saturday: Colombia (plus winner is announced)

Today really is a happy Saturday! I've been smiling, ear to ear, reading your entries to our book giveaway. I am impressed with all of you; what Adventurous foodies you are! Thank you for participating, reading, and being my online buddies. I'm the luckiest girl in the world :) Random.org chose the winner for me (thank goodness because otherwise I would have never been able to) Congratulations to Katie! Katie said: I love experimenting with different recipes and incorporating new … [Read more...]

Fun Fact Friday: World Food Giveaway (with poll)


Because the leaves are changing, and because I'm feeling fiesty, let's do a book giveaway. And not just any book give away. This is a "must have" book for anyone who loves Latino/Caribbean food. (Mmmm, doesn't everyone?) The book: Latin & Caribbean Grocery Stores Demystified by Linda Bladholm There's nothing I enjoy more than plunging into one of Miami's many latin markets with Linda at my side--and now you can, too, wherever you live. Her carefully researched, clearly presented … [Read more...]

Recipe: Poached Egg Soup (Changua con Huevo)


Serves 4 Rethink eggs! Poached eggs swimming in milky broth is a delicious Colombian specialty which is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or a light dinner. You can easily make this soup vegetarian by using vegetable broth. Ingredients: 4 cups broth (vegetable or chicken) 2 cups milk 4 eggs 3 green onions, sliced sprig cilantro, chopped salt pepper Method: Add stock to a large pot. Sploosh. Then add milk. Splash. Heat the broth and milk to almost … [Read more...]