Video Saturday: Colombia (plus winner is announced)

Today really is a happy Saturday! I’ve been smiling, ear to ear, reading your entries to our book giveaway. I am impressed with all of you; what Adventurous foodies you are! Thank you for participating, reading, and being my online buddies. I’m the luckiest girl in the world 🙂 chose the winner for me (thank goodness because otherwise I would have never been able to)

Congratulations to Katie!
Katie said:

I love experimenting with different recipes and incorporating new ingredients. I think it is important to not only expose our children to different cultures and tastes but also that variety makes for a healthier diet. This summer we grew thai chiles, tomatillos and asian green beans in our Maryland garden.

Contact me at sasha @ globaltableadventure dot com to claim your prize – one copy of Linda Bladholm’s book Latin & Caribbean Grocery Stores Demystified! Yay 🙂

And now for a couple of videos:

First, beautiful Colombian Ceviche and other dishes. The use of citrus is ubiquitous.

And, did you know, 900,000,000 kg of coffee is exported from Colombia each year (wow!) … watch the harvesting process:

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