Menu: Vatican City


Ava is the first to tell me what should be dinner. Even growing up with this Global Table Adventure since she was 7 months old, Ava asks for the same thing night after night: noodles. (Interestingly, her second most common request is avocado sushi). This week I got to tell her yes to noodles.


There’s nothing wrong with carb-loading, right? Especially when eating the Vatican… right? I doubled up on pasta so I can share two amazing sauce recipes with you. One I learned from my distant cousin Alfred, another I learned this week thanks to a Pope!


 The Pope’s Fettuccine | Fettuccine alla Papalina [Recipe]

A simple pasta dish invented in the late 1930’s for Pope Pius XII, made with softened onion, prosciutto, a swirl of cream, plenty of good quality parmesan, and as many twists of fresh ground pepper as you can handle.

Cousin Alfred’s Meat Sauce [Recipe]

Ground beef, sweet Italian sausages, rich mushrooms, and the best Italian tomatoes around. This is the sauce to end all sauces, perfect ladled onto spaghetti.


  1. Brian Schwartz says

    Yes the Vatican truly offers redemption! Two pasta dishes that I hoped to find in Italy, and again in San Marino and now here they are!!!!!! I eagerly await the recipes.

    • Sasha Martin says

      I love this enthusiasm! Redemption couldn’t have been better timed 😀

  2. Rick Scott says

    I am looking at that meals count down with a sense of dread. Today it reads: Weeks Remaining: 6/196.

    “Backwards, turn backwards, Oh Time in thy flight!” Emerson? Hawthorne? Who knows. I do know that right now I’m with the poet on that.

      • Rick Scott says

        I looked it up. Elizabeth Akers Allen It continues “Make me a child again just for the night.” One of my father’s favorites and he never wandered far from the19th Century in his likes. Loved Strauss waltzes too.

        • Sasha Martin says

          I agree! It’s going by so, so fast! Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to keep the momentum going in a new and exciting way!

  3. Suzanne B says

    It’s been an amazing culinary and cultural adventure for your family. It’s also been terrific for the rest of us poor slobs that await your discoveries each week. I imagine you’ll write a book, be interviewed countless times on daytime programs and then have a movie made about the journey of 196 weeks. When all that dies down what will you do next? I can’t believe you’ll return to regular life after such an amazing time. Our household has always been global in the culinary sense yet following your blog has raised the bar, and curiosity, to broaden our recipe list. Thanks so much, Sasha!

    • Sasha Martin says

      Suzanne, you make me smile! 🙂 I am writing a book, though it is very much a memoir, exploring my cooking experiences through my childhood, which led me to where we are today. I’m glad to have influenced your own adventures.

      As I mentioned above, more will come, in some form or another 🙂 Thank YOU!

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