Monday Meal Review: Singapore

Hi, friends!

Our weekly review is now  offered to you on video. I’m realizing that telling you the story of what we experienced is far more powerful with video; if photos are worth a thousand words, video must be worth a million.

[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”550px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]This week’s lesson:

Singapore teaches us how condiments can spice up an ordinary dinner, Global Table style, even for the pickiest among us.[/dropshadowbox]

As always, I’d love your thoughts: how do you use condiments (local or global) to give your meals a boost?


I had no idea this new format would stir such a strong response. Please know, I’m hearing you all… thanks for weighing in. It seems the general thought that the new video format is good, but the words need to stay?

My intention was to move some of the text into the actual recipes, to make them stronger… but if you prefer it separated out, I’d love to know why. Thanks for your input… you’re the reason this blog exists (as opposed to quietly doing it with my family alone), so I take your opinions seriously.


Below are the dishes we cooked for our Singaporean Global Table.
Click through to the recipes to read the stories and how to make them.

Chicken Rice [Recipe]


Homemade Singaporean Chili Sauce [Recipe]


Coconut Curd | Kaya [Recipe]



  1. Marjan says

    Could you please also post your review in words? I usually read them on the go where data limit and appropriateness prohibts videos 🙂

    • Marjan says

      I also watched the video and I must admit I prefer the written reviews 😉 (sorry)

  2. John Goodenow says

    Video is nice as an addition to the written word. Always prefer the book over the movie.

  3. I miss the “What I liked most” and “What I liked least” part of the reviews, too.

  4. Celeste Childress says

    I, too, enjoyed the video, but miss the written part, which, to me, has become you!

  5. Sasha Martin says

    I’m hearing you all… thanks for weighing in. Is the general thought that the new video format is good, but the words need to stay?

    My intention was to move some of the text into the actual recipes, to make them stronger… but if you prefer it separated out, I’d love to know why. Thanks for your input… you’re the reason this blog exists (as opposed to quietly doing it with my family alone), so I take your opinions seriously.

  6. annaclarice says

    I have limited access to video so will most likely miss all of the weekly reviews. I really enjoy the written word, the “what I liked the most/least” and just your impressions in general.

  7. annaclarice says

    Plus…I was really disappointed today when I missed out on my favorite Monday morning activity….reading the “Monday Meal Review”!

  8. aunty eileen says

    Hi Sasha: yes, comments are important… so I will share mine here: First, was your dishwasher dish washing? I heard an annoying loud background sound as if a motor was running.

    Second, I too prefer written word for the review part. Why? because it is very interesting and helpful to know the cook’s and consumers review of a recipe/meal. And…

    For me, I found your speaking too fast and thus couldn’t absorb your words. Everyone is different how they read and listen and absorb words spoken because of need or like. With written word a reader can control their reading/absorbing of what the writer/talker is conveying.

    Also, I think video makers with pictures and speaking, tend to think they need to, always, make extremely short videos because of audience time availability and attention span.

    Lastly, once in a while, I would enjoy seeing you prepare a food item, while giving word instructions also and bit of info about the country and it’s traditions, keeping in mind it is for reference and learning and thus should not be a very short rushed video.

    Thus, my conclusion is…. I too think it best to continue adding the written reviews, as before, while also having choice of video, for those that may prefer a video or like a video and written words…. giving people choice is always nice.

    Well done!

  9. I like the old format better. I enjoy the video, but I too loved the favorite/least favorite. I also miss Ava’s corner. Abigail and I always watched Ava together and talked about what kind of food she was trying.

  10. Richard says

    My personal opinion is what you are doing with this new video concept via video and words, what the eye sees the body can do! Is it possible to video the process of cooking and why you are mixing this with that, it will take longer but to most of your wonderful followers it will be more explanatory. Please look at this website of a cook who via video and voice shows you how to make various foods from around the world.

    Thank you very much Sasha for your fascinating blog of cooking adventure!

    • aunty eileen says

      hahha Richard… delightful! “I declare this curry cooked” I watched the ‘spicy egg and potato curry’ video… perfect and delightful and most helpful for knowing how to best cook a recipe…. and I could almost smell the onions cooking 🙂 (I always run cold water over eggs… but didn’t know it is probably better to leave in cold water for about 10 minutes (for easier peeling I guess and for not overcooking?)… she didn’t say why to leave in cold water for 10 minutes?

  11. Simone says

    Hi Sasha, if I may, I would also “vote” to keep the old format and add on a seperate Sasha video instead of replacing content with it… it is fun to see you chatting in your kitche, but I do miss the Ava video as well as the written reviews – love the above post that the book is always better than the movie 🙂

    I’ve been following the blog basically since the beginning and was debating to post last week, but didn’t want to hurt any feelings… but from the responses above it seems I’m not all alone… I LOVE the blog, even if I’m not cooking along faithfully since life gets a bit hectic with FT work and two little ones, but the blog is one of my favorite past times for sure! Thanks so much for all that you do and sharing along the way!!!

    • aunty eileen says

      Yes, I love the Ava videos as well as the written reviews also. It has been so interesting and fun to have followed this blog over these past years. An amazing project with amazing recipes… Yes, thank you Sasha and family for all your devotion and hard work and for contributing something good and worthwhile for the internet…. again, well done as this internet journey around-the-world with your family continues…….

  12. Brian S. says

    Sasha you are such a good writer and it would be sad to lose that. Please continue to write written reviews! The script for your video is good enough to appear as a written review. Writing is slowly becoming a lost art, please don’t continue this trend. You can always attach a video as an extra, and if you do, please consider getting this woman to do the speaking…

  13. Hello, I have been reading your blog for a while now and I really loved the Monday Reviews, especially the what I liked best/least part. The video is a great addition but I love reading your feedback

  14. Kendra says

    I agree with what other commenters have said: I liked the video, and it would make a nice addition to the written review, but I think those of us who read blogs do so because we enjoy reading – it would be a shame to lose readers who are unaccustomed to online videos. Furthermore, you are an amazing writer (one of the few food bloggers I read with as much writing talent as cooking prowess) and you should flaunt your assets.

  15. gwen larsen says

    Wow, can’t imagine why dozens more folks didn’t compliment & encourage your video of the week’s review: I think it is every good thing – fun, interesting, personal, easy to understand, well articulated – in summary, please keep sharing with us from your cozy kitchen corner!! Seems a shame that you have to do extra work by continuing the written text, but it’s true you are an enjoyable writer so I get that point…still, there is nothing better than seeing & hearing a good cook’s take on cooking, serving & eating their creations! Afterall, you aren’t cooking this just for Ava, but the whole global family out there: and your video style makes it REAL! (some people just don’t do well with change; but they usually come around.;)

  16. Barbara says

    I can’t comment on the video since I still have dial-up internet and they are impossible to watch. So, I hope you will continue with the written reviews. I also enjoy the most/least liked part & also hearing how your family reacted to the different recipes.

  17. I’m another one with very limited access to watching videos — simply not enough bandwidth where I live. So for me, a site where I have to wait for a video to load (and then not even be guaranteed of playing without repeated buffering) is a site I stop visiting. I’m not someone who’s afraid of change, and I applaud your creativity and desire to try something new, but please please please bring back the written text or I won’t be able to stay with you. I’ve been visiting your site since almost the very beginning, and it’s a really enjoyable part of my morning. I know it will end eventually when you get to the Zs, but I’d hate not to be able to make it to the end with you!

  18. I loved the Ave Eats videos! and your written reviews. Like the others the what you liked least/most was thoughtful and gave good pointers about the recipes. You get more a sense of what the recipe was like this way. I have been enjoying the Global Table Adventure for a while now and your recipe reviews were always helpful when using one of the recipes. :O)

  19. I prefer the old format, especially what you liked and didn’t like about each recipe. I admit I haven’t watched the videos–but that’s because I don’t usually watch videos. I’d have to go somewhere private or haul out my headphones. I’m still an old fashioned reader, even if it is on the computer.

  20. I saw the video, and it was great!

    But, I think you’re a great writer, and that makes reading this blog both informative and a great read.

    So just my 2 cents, but I’d prefer written reviews (or both written and video)…but either way, I’ll keep tuning in to GTA!

  21. My computer makes it very difficult to watch videos often times (our internet speed is great…but older computers…grrr!!) I also miss reading what you liked and what you didn’t. Your writing is so colorful and fun! And the stories you tell are so wonderful! I don’t always have time to go back and read each recipe individually so if you add more to each recipe post I will probably miss a lot of it (my problem…not yours!) but I kind of depend on your what I liked/didn’t like portion to determine if a recipe is one my family would eat. If it is then I usually click on the link and go to the individual recipe. It’s sounds like a lot of people would miss Ava’s Corner and the ones I have gotten to work were great so I understand why! But in the end GTA is your baby so you need to do what you think is best for you and your busy, busy life! I’m sure all your readers will understand! Thanks for all the work you do and for letting us all tag along on your adventure!

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