Menu: Norway (& Giveaway)

I watch the Olympics on the televisions at the gym. Synchronized divers catch my eye as I rappel down a climbing wall from two stories up. (Really, it’s more of an awkward fall since I’m new to rock climbing). I watch gymnasts flip while pedaling with my heartbeat at 150 bpm. Since I don’t have a television, this is my only option. Here’s what I’ve learned: put five golden rings on a wet noodle and my eyes will well up with tears.

I love the Olympics.

The very logo has seeped into my subconscious. Just look at our Norwegian menu for this week’s Global Table. I didn’t realize it, but I filled our plates with circles, rings, and even the littlest bit of gold (in the form of lemon zest on the gravlaks). Sure, the cake needed to be made of rings, but the bread didn’t have to be cut in circles.

Consider it my fun, accidental homage to all the beautiful athletes in the Olympics.

Norwegian Summer Shrimp Party [Recipe]
Experience summer like a Norwegian – load up the table with boiled shrimp, butter, mayo, bread, lemon slices,  and capers. Laugh and chatter as everyone makes messy work of making their open-faced sandwiches exactly how they want them.

Dill & Lemon Pepper Gravlaks [Recipe]
Homemade gravlaks with plenty of fresh dill, lemon peel, cracked black pepper and a bit of mustard seed for fun.

Scandanavian Ring Cake | Kransekake [Recipe]
A traditional Scandinavian celebration cake made with rings of sweet almond dough, then frosted with royal icing.

*All recipes and meal review will be posted throughout the week.


*Update:  Winner from this week’s Norwegian Menu Giveaway was selected at random by There were so, so many wonderful entries – do go through and read them if you have time. Congratulations to Jenna who told us about her own Global Table Adventures:

“I’ve been “eating the world” in my own way for years…I love to travel, and whenever I visit a new country, I try to master at least one traditional dish that I can make at home. This enables me to share my experience with loved ones (in a culinary way) and reminisce my time there through my taste buds.I’m excited about Norway this week – though I’ve never been there, I’m 1/4 Norwegian and these recipes remind me of my grandmother. She used to have a ring cake form like this and I’m not sure what happened to it when she passed – would be a fun addition to my own kitchen as a tribute to her!”

Please email me ([email protected] to claim your kransekake mold.

Today, because I want you all to know the joy of making Kransekake and get giddy on sugar and smiles, I am giving away one Norwegian Kransekake mold. The mold is nonstick and will make perfect cakes every time.

If there are 50 entries, I’ll give away two, so tell a friend!

Here are the product details from the manufacturer:

Honor a beloved heritage with this six-piece Kransekake (“ring cake”) form, which offers a simple way to create an authentic version of the towering Norwegian and Danish delicacy. Traditionally made with almonds, sugar, and egg whites and served at weddings, baptisms, Christmas parties, or New Year’s Eve celebrations, the special-occasion cake also makes a tasty centerpiece at family reunions or everyday events. Even more, it fosters a natural and hands-on way to introduce children to the special traditions cherished by their ancestors. Solidly crafted of heavy-duty tin for durable use from one holiday to the next, the form comes with various pieces that unite to create 18 concentric rings for building a pyramid-shaped cake.


Giveaway Question: Have you been eating the world? How are your international foodie adventures going? Leave a comment telling me about your recent Global Table Adventures and Mishaps. There’s no right or wrong answers so tell me whatever is on your mind!

Bonus entries will be provided for those that tweet this giveaway with hashtag #globalgiveaway and/or share it on Pinterest and Facebook.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced in the Monday Meal Review. Contest closes Monday morning. There are no sponsors for this giveaway. I just wanted to share some Norwegian love, from me to you. Enjoy!


  1. Karen Kozelko says

    I married a Ukrainian fellow. I am aboriginal canadian. The last few years we have hosted the family Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner. It involves 12 meatless dishes. The meal starts with Kutia, a honey buckwheat dish. Every year I am complimented by people on how much they enjoy this important first course. Inside I glow when I hear this. It’s like winning gold in the Ukrainian Cooking Olympics!

  2. I think of all the Global Table recipes I’ve tried, the Grenadian Oil Down is my favourite. The first time I made it was with parsnips because I accidentally bought a bad batch of cassava but the dish tastes way better with cassava.
    Mmmm… now I’m thinking of making it tonight!

    Of course, the Guinness Chocolate Cake is also hard to beat.

  3. I love to cook international food – the store I work for part time does themed monthly cooking nights. This month, we did Americana, and I made homemade marshmallows and graham crackers, served with dark chocolate for fancy s’mores. People were more impressed with the graham crackers than the marshmallows! They are just cookies – the marshmallows are the tricky bit! My first marshmallow attempt was an unmitigated failure… the second batch was wonderful…
    Anyhow, I cook from whatever cuisine strikes my fancy. I am not limited by borders. Tonight I’m cooking Thai, and last night, I cooked Italian!

  4. Nicole says

    I read GLOBAL TABLE faithfully every morning at work (shhh… don’t tell). The Nigerian meat skewers enticed me to try them… and on a Monday of all days. I love to cook but don’t follow recipes well — I read them thoroughly and then wing it during the actual prep & cook. So the Nigerian skewers turned out more like spicy satay as I used soy sauce & hot sauce as marinade with a sprinkle of ginger as well, then skipped the peanuts because the kids looked at me with the bag in my hands and slowly shook their heads — left to right. While zippy hot, the meat disappeared between 3 kids and 2 neighborhood friends (along with mango shrimp skewers, french bread and tomato/cucumber salad). Poof… it was gone.

    And P.S. I a Norskie and would LOVE to win!

  5. Beth says

    I am planning to start cooking “around the world” when my family returns from vacation. We already enjoy a variety of different international cuisines from Thai to Vietnamese to Ethiopian, but look forward to exploring more with you as our guide.

  6. janine says

    I’ve been reading most of the entris though I haven’t had a chance to make many. You have opened my eyes to how many specialty grocers and butcher shops we have in the Tulsa area. I have made the Guiness cake and baileys Buttercreme cake several times though! It is my husband’s absolute favorite! It ranks rigth up there with merritt’s in our household.

  7. Ellen says

    I made a version of pavlova for July 4th and it cracked and sank all around the center. I’ve used this recipe several times and next time I think I’ll add cornstarch like you’re to see if I can get a more solid cake. It still tasted great though!

  8. I’ve been “eating the world” in my own way for years…I love to travel, and whenever I visit a new country, I try to master at least one traditional dish that I can make at home. This enables me to share my experience with loved ones (in a culinary way) and reminisce my time there through my taste buds.I’m excited about Norway this week – though I’ve never been there, I’m 1/4 Norwegian and these recipes remind me of my grandmother. She used to have a ring cake form like this and I’m not sure what happened to it when she passed – would be a fun addition to my own kitchen as a tribute to her!

  9. Allene says

    I’ve been reading along since Ireland, but due to a variety of factors (including my own Mr. Picky) I haven’t had a lot of success with anything new that isn’t Japanese, Chinese, or pasta. The notable exception to this was a slow-cooker Filipino chicken adobo that I’ve made over and over again since May and the Argentinian potato & corn casserole – both of which are absolutely fabulous! One of these weeks I will get my act together & make the Irish chocolate cake, too – sometime when I won’t be the only one eating it!

  10. Collette Lemons says

    i have made Pavlova a few times now and it is always well recepted. The fist time i made a cake for your Australia party. The cake could not take the bumps from Tulsa roads and cracked but i hid them with whipped cream and strawberries… When I make them now I do individual pieces because they travel better.

    Because of your world food travels I have found Cumin and I love it… but have to only have it on things Cliff don’t eat.

    I like to think I get a little braver when it comes to seasoning.

  11. Megan says

    I have become more adventurous with food and even made my way to a Venezualan restaurant! I am making your tres leches cake tomorrow for my bunco group! These are big for me! Excited to see how much further I can go!

  12. We are just wrapping up the ‘E’s. Woohoo. Most recently, I made Rosolje (Estonian Beet Salad with Pickled Herring) and Biskviikattega Rabaribrokook (Estonian Rhubarb Cake). Delish!

  13. Devangi says

    What I love about leaving in USA and trying out different cuisine from around the world, is that everything is readily available. So, I have made a point to my husband that every week I would make two new dishes especially those which are not of our ethnicity. It is much more easy as I live close to NY and so i can find out whatever it takes to make a particular dish. Another way that we are trying to make most of the experience by eating global cuisine is traveling. On our trip to Hawaii , we tried so many different things and then our trip to Alaska, we tried Russian pelmenis, for the first time. It is not important that we like everything that we have tried, most important thing to me is we atleast tried. I am so on to my next destination.

  14. Hi.. I have been cooking internationally for years, so when I came across your site I was excited. I enjoy your posts and menus. It is always interesting to see the different versions of the same dish from various countries. Right now I am interested in making the Armenian Revani. I have made the Greek version called Ravani.
    Take care and Happy Travels!

  15. Elizabeth Behrens says

    So I haven’t started cooking around the world in an organized way, but I do make sure to make something from a different part of the world each week. Last week it was an eggplant dish from China that I loved immensely while I was there. Making it again brought me right back to the cafeteria I ate lunch in most days while I attended Beijing University for a semester in college. I hope to get a bit more organized in the coming months, but until then, I’m just going to keep throwing new dishes in when I can. I love your blog, and it has definitely given me some great ideas! I look forward to continuing to follow your adventure.

  16. Mary says

    I began cooking my away around the world last summer with a country a week – though not in alphabetical order. To share some of my wonderful food adventures with friends, we recently had an around the world dinner for 17 of us. We had food from 13 different countries spread over 4 courses plus an additional three countries were represented by native beverages. It was a delightful evening. What made it really special was several of these people had never had anything more “exotic” than local Mexican and Chinese restaurants so having them participate and enjoy the food so much was very exciting.

  17. Nancy says

    I love kolaches – prune or poppy seed are our favorite. But I admit I am mostly a lurker, love reading about your food travels.

  18. Kelster says

    I tried to cook indian dishes last weekend. My Chicken Tikka Masala was just not working out for me. I don’t know what happened but all the spices were muted. It tasted more like a regular Jamaican stew chicken. Loved it anyway. I also made samosas. Those were absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to make more of those.
    This ring cake is intriguing me. I’d love to win because I want to make this immediately.

  19. I’m new to your blog and loving reading it inbetween my work times. I love eating and cooking international/cultural foods. When traveling, I refuse to eat anything that I could get at home (well, except for the McDonald’s I had while in Scotland! LOL And it was different than the US version!)

  20. I’m so eager to follow this as my grandmother was from Norway. My mother still has her Krumkaka iron. I have been eating globally with my little cooking group. We recently complete Morocco, and have chosen Transylvania as our October (Halloween) theme. We find your blog to be great inspiration!!

  21. I love cooking international dishes, and have yet to meet a cuisine that I don’t like. The Greek yogurt and Honey has become a staple breakfast for me. Tart & sweet, it’s almost like having dessert. As for failures, I would have to say the Guiness Chocolate Cake. For some reason, I can only find Hershey’s cocoa here, and it always leaves a stale, ‘fake’ chocolate taste to anything I use it in. 🙁

  22. I have been picking from your worldly recipes here and there. Recently had a baby so cooking has taken the back burner for now, but i have a whole bookmarked folder on my computer when i can get back in action.

  23. Caroline says

    My mother and I made the cranberry sauce recipe from this years Thanksgiving post. We kind of overdid the orange zest, though! It would have been so delicious and fresh, but the orange was SO overpowering we could barely eat any of it 🙁

  24. Megan P says

    My adventures in eating my way around the world have been quite successful! There are few things that I’m not incredibly excited about trying. Surprisingly Boise, Id has a fantastically diverse range of cuisines and specialty markets. I have been cooking with lots of new ingredients and getting inspiration from your weekly explorations. I love reading about each country and look forward to your updates! Thanks for sharing, this is such a fun blog!

  25. Gwen Larsen says

    Well, it may be too late to have a chance at yr generous “giveaway” since I just now read it and see the deadline was this am. and it’s nearly midnight here. ;(
    but if there IS a chance or n, let me tell yuhw muchI enjoy your blog in these past 7 months that I serendipitously found ou! I was living in Kuwait at the time, and googled Barbary Rice, so I could recreate a delicious meal a Kuwaiti friend made…your recipe was quite authentic, bytheway. and I try one recipe each week, just to keep my interest in cooking alive. (after nearly 38 years married, cooking can become stale & the incentive gone with only one other person to cook for, ce all yr children have left…

    My goal is to use your archives, once our first grandchild is old enough, to both taste & learn to love international cuisine & cooking – like your precious, pretty Ava!
    another reason I hope youmightchoiceme, is I am NORWEGIAN and hoped to have this very Kranskekake at our August 10 wedding…but mymotherinlaw decided not to bringitfromtheirdanishbakery because she thought the hot, humid weather that week would spoil the crisp texture! So my desire is to make it for my daughter’s wedding this Dec 29…Then she could carry on the tradition either daughter, using your special pans & recipe! that is an example of a Legacy of Love, isn’t it? “Mange tusen tak” from Gwen Larsen

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  27. Louisa B. says

    My fiance is a great adventurous cook, his version of banh mi is to die for. I’d love to do more international cooking and I’ve just started following your site- I’m incredibly excited to start trying your recipes. The only problem is that every time I pick something that looks delicious, you add more amazing ideas! We just got a tagine as a wedding gift, so the Moroccan lamb tagine is high on my list as a place to start.. if something else doesn’t catch my eye first!

  28. Katie G says

    Love following your adventure. I admit so far that the Chocolate Guinness Cake with Bailey’s Buttercream is the family fav. But I do print & bookmark a lot of the recipes to try later, ie. when I have more time and the boys are older 🙂 I have two young boys, and one is the typical picky eater. Hoping one day he will be more adventurous – we keep trying!

  29. Rebecca D says

    Hi Sasha! Here’s my update…We’re pretty new to the adventure, but have made it up to Barbados as of this week. I’m looking forward to the fish cakes. I’ve had a few missteps, but mostly successes. I loved making empanadas. We made them with a black bean filling. (I’m not a huge meat fan – I’ll eat it sometimes, but I like my legumes & veg.) They were awesome. I also made the Tropical Curried Chicken Salad from Antigua & Barbuda for my dad for Father’s Day with grilled chicken. He has weakness for pineapple….It was a total success; he loved it. We really loved the Bahamas too, and I’m totally digging the Jimmy Buffett YouTube. Awesome. 🙂 Thanks for all you do & keep it up! Enjoy the last season of *Lost*. I miss it since it’s been off the air!

  30. Kc192 says

    I’ve watched your french omelet video countless times with varying degrees of success. I’m still trying to perfect it! You’re so quick! Thankfully they’re still tasty even if they are slow.

  31. elisa waller says

    I tried to make the dutch potato salad…it came out good…Ilike to add variety tomy foods..sometimes it could be agood thing or not so good…sometimes too much is just too much…Making the Kings Bread was very fun…not using the right size pan was a eye opener..but the bread was delicious and very shiny! Ihave to say teh Carbiean THristy Cake was the most exciting thing to make, Imade alot of was fun to poke holes in the top and see the “frosting” drip into them…very delcious…and I do love coconut. My most favorite and most delcious and gone in a second thing I made was tehe apple empanadas…learning to form them into little cresents was rewarding!

  32. Nancy says

    I’m loving eating the world. One of my family’s favorite is Shopska salad. We are able to get Hungarian peppers at our farmer’s market, as well as delicious tomatoes. I will only make the salad in summer when the tomatoes are perfect. I am also very grateful for the omelet video. We love that French omelet, too.

  33. Tina says

    Was the deadline last Monday or this coming Monday? Here’s my deal – you know I don’t cook much. But the fun thing is sharing your blog with all the people in my life who love to cook (and the homeschoolers, and the foodies…) so they’ll make your recipes and share them with me! As you also know, I did what you suggested, bought bottles and made the Lithuanian Honey Spirits this week, to give as Christmas presents. I cannot tell you how good the house smelled after that! And I also did like you suggested and saved all the soaked orange and lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and vanilla. I’ve had them soaking in a couple of cups of milk in the fridge to make homemade ice cream with them this weekend. Perhaps I’ll make the NZ hokey pokeys to go with it (or at least think about it and kick myself because I didn’t, later).

  34. WOW! the response is overwhelming…how could you ever decide…all are so interesting. Family and close friends should be excluded …that might help you narrow the choices…

  35. Sasha Martin says

    I have love, love, loved these comments. Thank you all for being such an inspiration 🙂 I am so glad will be choosing the winner, because I never could. Love to you all xo

  36. Bridget H. says

    I love your blog! We have been stove top traveling since February this year. We cook from a different country every Sunday. Tonight we traveled to Bosnia (OMG the Cevapi and Shopska were good!). We are a family of four, but we usually have 10-12 people at our dinners as our whole extended family is really excited about traveling with us. My favorite mishap moment was when we cooked the Kabobs for Azerbijan. I’ve never grated onions before and didn’t realize the fumes would be so strong. We ended up with clear masks over our eyes and still cried and cried and cried, but it was worth it. Those kabobs were delicious!

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