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Nicaragua taught me three very important things about life. First, eat more sunshine. To do so, simply pile fresh vigoron on your plate. Soaked in lime juice and a happy heaping of salt, this tastes like the margarita of slaws. Done and done. Second, everything is better with an umbrella in it, especially if pineapple is involved. Third, try, try, try, and try again. This is the only way to succeed.  Those of you who have been reading this blog for a year or more will know about my longstanding battle with yucca. This meal marks yet another try to tame this tricky tuber. Check back to see if I succeed.

P.S.  I’m curious… what do you guys think about having a recipe site to share your recipes from your homelands with each other? 

Lime & Cabbage Slaw with Yucca | Vigoron [Recipe]
Welcome to happy town. Tender, boiled yucca topped with a cabbage slaw,  lime juice, sliced onion, chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, and a touch of fresh cilantro. Serve with crunchy chicharones (traditionally pork rinds, although we provide a vegan option for this recipe), on a folded banana leaf.

Pineapple Horchata [Recipe]
Fill your glass with a smooth mixture of fresh pineapple, rice, and sugar. This basic cooked horchata will have your mind poolside, even if you’re stuck in an office cubicle so cold you have to wear a sweater all summer. P.S. I remember those days.

*All recipes and the meal review will be posted throughout the week.


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