Menu: Mongolia

Don’t look for bad things in the good that you do.
{ Mongolian Proverb }

I know what some of you are thinking right this very moment: “Mongolia… what on earth is she going to make from Mongolia that I’d like?”  I know because that’s what my very own Mr. Picky said moments before I presented this simple menu.

Cooking him meat would have been too easy. He’d automatically love it. Instead, I went with a vegan carrot salad (what!) and an amazing salty green tea. I wanted to give him something to really think about. I want to make sure this Adventure stays a challenge for his picky sensibilities (although, as usual, both recipes are easy to make and don’t require super strange ingredients).

What sounds good to you?*

Mongolian Carrot Salad [Recipe]
Thinly sliced carrots and raisins, tossed with a simple, garlicky vinaigrette. This would be fantastic on the side of any grilled meat.

Mongolian Millet & Green Milk Tea (Suutei Tsai) [Recipe]
Buttery toasted millet cooked in milky, salty green tea.

 A note on meaty accompaniments:
A complete meal would include some form of roasted lamb or goat (or lamb cooked in broth with hunks of potatoes, cabbage, and/or carrots).

*All recipes and review will be up by Monday Morning.

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