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Question: What does Supergirl, a tea party, and gluten free food all have in common? They all make an appearance during this week’s Malian Global Table. That’s pretty epic. And oddball. The perfect combination, if you ask me.

I kept things simple this week, as I’m still recovering from last week’s surprise birthday celebration for my mom. What sounds good to you?

Recipe: Mali’s Gluten-free “Pancake Donuts” (Maasa) [Recipe]
Made with millet and rice flours and topped with a flurry of powdered sugar, this addictive snack comes from Mali’s street vendors. To be honest, I¬†couldn’t decide what to call it. I finally settled on Pancake Donuts. I don’t know what else to say. The name speaks for itself. Mega.

Vanilla Ginger Bissap [Recipe]
Hibiscus tea with smooth vanilla undertones and a bit of snap from fresh, grated ginger. Sweetened to taste, this will take you to your happy place.

*All recipes and the meal review will be posted by Monday morning.

Street in Timbuktu. Photo by upyernoz from haverford, USA.


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