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Today I sit at the dining table, the door open and a breeze coming it. Its 70 degrees. I shut my eyes and imagine I’m sitting on a beach in Madagascar – overlooking the wide, blue ocean. The last weeks have been busy. I did four interviews in half as many days, including one with Parenting Magazine.  I spoke on KRMG all about the Chinese New Year. Today and tomorrow I will be speaking at Rosa Parks Elementary School about bringing the world together around a Global Table. On Friday I’ll be filmed by the Oklahoma Center for Community Justice for a special presentation on food culture. And somehow, in the midst of all this I have had a sick toddler who I can’t seem to make better with extra hugs and kisses.

All this and I’m hungry. Really hungry.

Madagascar Chicken (Akoho sy Sakamalao) [Recipe]
Chicken slowly simmered in aromatic ginger, garlic and lemon zest, surrounded with sweet peppers and onion. The secret? Beautiful coconut oil gives this chicken tropical flavor.

Burnt Rice Tea (Ranovola) [Recipe]
The Malagasy people prefer this to water on a hot summer’s day. Ridiculously easy and surprisingly delightful.

Vanilla Bean Fruit [Recipe]
Imagine if you had enough vanilla beans you could start using them for stuff besides baked goods? What about tossing the “caviar” on a bounty of tropical fruit? Just wait; you’re going to flip for this, it’s that fantastic.

* All recipes and review will be posted by Monday morning.

Sunset at Ifaty beach, Madagascar. Photo by Bernard Gagnon.


  1. Congrats on all your hard work! You are doing a fantastic job! I hope Miss Ava feels better soon! Abigail has been sick a few times recently, it sucks!

  2. Yay for all of the publicity! But, it stinks your sweet baby is sick. Hope she gets well quickly! How fun it will be to show her this blogging adventure when she is older.

  3. Brian S. says

    I’m guessing that in Madagascar the chicken would be served with rice? If I were eating it, however, I would want it WITHOUT rice, the better to enjoy its flavor. Sounds awesome as always.

  4. Sasha Martin says

    Thanks for the enthusiastic comments everyone 🙂 Brian, yes with rice – but you’re right, it’s just as good on its own — I’m making it again this weekend “just because”

  5. Congrats on all the media coverage! You and your project certainly deserve it all!

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