Reusable Grocery Bag 101 (Giveaway)

UPDATE: Thank you all for entering the contest. The lucky winner is Jordan, as chosen by! Please contact me to claim your prize, Jordan! I’ll be sure to get more in stock so everyone can purchase some soon. I’m thrilled at the wonderful response and all your fantastic emails. Thank you so much, you lift my spirit and keep me strong on this culinary marathon!

I make a lot of trips to the grocery store. Over the years I’ve tried out many different kinds of reusable grocery bags and I’ve come to some serious, life-shattering conclusions. Well, okay, maybe not that serious. But still. Here’s my thoughts, in a nutshell…

Reusable Wisdom

1. Forget about it.

If I forget to bring the bag, it’s worthless to me. The types of bags I am guaranteed to forget are the large tote style. By the time I’m done unloading the groceries, I’m ready to flop on the couch. The last thing on my mind is going back outside to put them in the car. And if I do remember? I usually forget them from the car to the grocery store, only to realize it mid-checkout line.

2. Keep it clean.

If the bag’s not washable, it’s worthless to me. I once gave Ava a yogurt drink and she put the bottle back in the bag with the lid loosely secured. Yogurt proceeded to leak all over my groceries. The bag, made of some strange, cheap material, bled colors as soon as I tried to wash it. Ridiculous.

3. To the moon with the pods. 

The little pods that fit in my purse are cute. I never forget them because they are always on me. And for a while I was satisfied with using them. But the truth is, one pod just isn’t enough. But owning more than one quickly scatters them all over, never to be found again.

I might as well be headed to the moon with as much food as I buy every week. I easily fill three bags.

Which leads me to…

The best reusable shopping bag. Ever. In the whole-wide -world is…

… three reusable shopping bags in a nifty zipper pouch.

They are small enough to pack into a purse or bag.

To bring on a camping trip.

To the farmer’s market.

To take to the moon, and back.

To never forget.


And, so, in the spirit of this Adventure, I thought it would be great to design a bag to celebrate the most beautiful part of Global Table Adventure – the fact that we – you and me – are hungry for peace.

In a nod to our great, big, beautiful world, you’ll be able to choose from two sets – blue or green.

Each set is a  flurry of color and is super fun when all bulging with beloved groceries.

They’re coming in 2012.

To enter to win a free set, send me an email with the title “Shopping Bags” and leave a comment here. I’ll let you know when they’re in stock and you can get as many as you need for your adventures!

Season’s Greetings!
Sasha & family


  1. Fantastic! Me, I have about a 33% success rate of remembering to bring at least some bags into the store. The second 33% consists of me leaving them home entirely. The third third is me remembering to put them in the car, and only remembering that I remembered them when I’m walking toward the entrance and I see the sign “Don’t forget your reusable bags!” Yeah. Thanks.

    Thank you again for the adventures, and Merry Christmas!

  2. Kelly Edm says

    I never remember to bring my bags, but now that I’ve seen these ones, I think it may be due to the fact that I’m still toting around “old school” reusable bags – the mesh-y kind that doesn’t fold up as nicely. These would be so easy to slip into your purse and given they’re in a handy little pouch, you could keep them in your purse or car without any added bulk. The blues are sooo pretty, too. Happy holidays!

  3. I use Flylady’s bags and they’re awesome… but I LOVE the idea of your little fold-ups!!!!!! Great great job you’re doing, I’ll be with you all the way 🙂
    Merry Christmas 🙂 and a hug to AVA and Mr Picky (I have one too !!)

  4. I’ve been following your website ever since I read about it on FlyLady. I enjoy it so much. The bags look great. Maybe I’ll remember to use them because of the sentiment they express.

  5. I forget our bags at least once a month, but it would be a different story if they folded up nicely to fit in my purse! Half of the bags we have now are falling apart, too. Would love to win these.

  6. Ok, is that a store here in Tulsa? It doesn’t look like our small Whole Foods store here. I went to
    an international fine foods store in Arizona last week, you would have loved it, they even had Finnish
    stuff. Ok, and you had time to design a bag, wow, looks good and put me down for them please.

  7. I ALWAYS forget my bags when I go to the store! I do use them to take stuff to work or to a friend! These look a lot easier to remember!

  8. I concur with all of your comments about reusable shopping bags. I used to have one that was shaped like the ones you are giving away and I liked it a lot, but it seems to have disappeared into the black hole that is my basement, never to be seen again.

  9. All of your observations hold true for me as well! Having a bag (or three!) on hand is definitely key. Though I have gotten better about not forgetting them by “forcing” myself a few times to go back out to the parking lot to get them from the car.

  10. I’ve never actually used reusable bags for the reasons cited. These look like I might actually use them! I hope I win a set!!

  11. At the risk of sounds very stuck up (I’m really not!) I’ll say I am very good about remembering reusable bags. It’s a lifestyle we’ve chosen to participate in. If I forget a bag (I’ve always got one in my purse, so no excuses there) I force myself to juggle all my items in my arms to the car. Problem solved, never waste a plastic bag. Recycling, biking everywhere and buying local are not always easy to do (okay, recycling really is fool proof) but carrying around reusable shopping bags? Anyone can do that.

  12. What pretty bags! I have one that I keep in my purse but it unrolls itself and becomes a puffy obstacle to retrieving my keys, wallet, etc. The zip pouch is tidy! And I love the sentiment. Love your blog. :O)

  13. elisa waller says

    this bag idea is the best thing since sliced bread!! <3 great karma sister….

  14. I’m sorry, I sent an email but not with the correct subject line… Well, I wish you a happy new year and I wish me a set of reusable bags…

    Hugs from Belgium

  15. Leslie Ryan says

    I bring my reusable bags when I “plan” a trip, the stops after work are never preplanned so having something in my purse or backpack for that purpose would be awesome. Blessings for a wonderful 2012, I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

  16. Collette Lemons says

    I seem to use my bags for everything but groceries. I even get them to my truck but then when I get them into the store they are bulky in the cart.

    Over the years I have bought many bags – some of them went your way with gifts and what not. Each time a different bag I was just crazy about. Sometimes they were pretty and others more useful.

    My favorites were the ones Reasors came out with. they tri-folded then folded in half and snapped to a 6X6 square. Every now and then I come across them and buy them up. I use them in baby shower gifts.

    Yours remind me of a really cool back pack I bought years ago. It’s made out of nylon but the zipper purse is canvas. When you unzip it it turns into a bag with back pack straps. I used it for work and rides for years.

    I can’t wait to see yours. Looks like an awesome idea!.

  17. I’ve been very good about remembering my reusable shopping bags lately! These look groovy! Happy New Year!

  18. Joanne says

    For Christmas stocking stuffers, I bought washable, reusable mesh produce bags that roll up small and would be perfect to use with your consciousness raising designed washable, reusable grocery bags. I’d love to win them, but would also be grateful for an opportunity to purchase when they become available (in case I don’t win them).

    Congratulations on your consistent progress in Eating around the world.

    Happy, Healthy New Year!

  19. Those look gloriously large in your photo. Are they really that big? I have a lot of reuseable bags, but as you note having them in the store, and having enough room for what you buy are the key elements.

  20. Amanda says

    The bags look great! I just found your website and am excited to start a table adventure!

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